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Rock and Roll still a Good Ole Boy Institution

via Salon Magazine:

Sunday, Dec 11, 2011 11:00 AM Central Standard Time

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s women problem

Women make up barely 10 percent of the Hall’s membership — and it’s time the sexist snubs end

The rock hall's long war against women

Joan Jett, Chaka Khan, and Donna Summer  (Credit: Reuters)

Do the math: Out of the 11 new members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2012, one — Laura Nyro — is a woman. Include all the musicians in each of the newly anointed bands, and you’ll still find only one woman (still Nyro) and 21 men. In the 27 years since the Hall was founded, there have been 296 inductees, including bands, pioneers, producers and promoters. Forty have been women or had female members.

Do women really only account for less than 14 percent of rock history?

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