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B-Sides and Broken Hearts

Just finished B-sides and Broken Hearts by Caryn Rose.  Damn!  Her music is not my music but her book just about made me cry.  I could feel the love the author has for music  and her main character, Lisa, is someone I’d like to have as a friend.  I want to hear Electric Blue cover the Ramones or the Stones.  Since they don’t exist and I am in the midwest and not New York or LA or Seattle, it’s not going to happen.

I am listening to her playlist of 10 of the 53 songs she mentions.

You see, it’s all Serendipity.  I’m not exactly sure how I found the Largehearted Boy blog, I was probably surfing for music, because “I’m not a lesbian but I play one on the radio”. There is so much stuff out there, and I’m pretty clueless…I may have gotten a reference from one of the people I follow on twitter.  In any case, LhB posted a review of B-Sides (he posts on lots of different topics, and one thing he does is talk to authors who write books that weave music into the story, authors like Caryn Rose.

Caryn Rose’s B-Sides and Broken Hearts is a rare book, one that incorporates music seamlessly into its core. Rose’s debut novel is filled with characters whose love for music is great and relatable, their passion for ’80s and ’90s indie rock and punk jumps off the page in this absorbing novel.

That recommendation, plus a link to a Spotify playlist had me…I subscribed to the playlist and had the book on my kindle within 10 minutes and let’s face it:  “Joey Ramone is dead,” is a great first sentence.  I missed my bus stop tonight because I was engrossed in the book. Higher praise, there is none.

2 thumbs up, 5 stars and a big hell yeah.  Also, check out Largehearted Boy at http://www.largeheartedboy.com and Caryn Rose at http://www.jukeboxgraduate.com/

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