Womyn's music and music by women

Daphne and the Mystery Machine,I Believe in the Sunshine,King of the Road: A Tribute to Roger Miller,2018,BMG Entertainment
Sarah Mendelsohn,I Can’t Believe,If,2018,Rocmac Music
Tia McGraff,The Faithful Ones,Stubborn In My Blood,2018,Bandana
Nancy Cassidy,How Wrong Is Wrong,River’s Rising,2018,Twitter Twatter
Rachael Sage,Tomorrow,Myopia,2018,MPress
Nichole Wagner,Dynamite,And the Sky Caught Fire,2018,Star Catcher
Holly Near,Mountain Song/Kentucky Woman,Imagine My Surprise!,1978,Redwood Records
Molly Venter & Goodnight Moonshine,Scientist,I’m the Only One Who Will Tell You You’re Bad,2018,Keep the Sparks Records
Lizanne Knott,Excellent,Anthology,2018,Transoceanic
Letitia VanSant,Dandelions,Gut It to the Studs,2018,Letitia VanSant
Joni Mitchell,Big Yellow Taxi,Shine,2007,Hear Music
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals,Mastermind,This Is Somewhere,2007,Hollywood
Heather Bishop,Taking My Baby Uptown,A Taste Of The Blues,1986,Mother of Pearl
Grace Vandiver & Friends,I Drink (Mary Gautier),Trail of Light,2005,Note to Self Recordings
Elizabeth Cook,Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman,Balls,2007,31 Tigers
Brandi Carlile,Have You Ever,The Story,2007,Sony
Dixie Chicks,Not Ready to Make Nice,The Essential Dixie Chicks,2002,Columbia/Legacy
Nedra Johnson,Any Way You Need Her (feat. David Johnson),Nedra,2005,Big Mouth Girl records
Melissa Etheridge,I Run For Life,Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled,1989,Island
Elaine Paige,Bohemian Rhapsody,The Queen Album,1998,”Virgin Records, Ltd.”
Carly Simon,Scar,Bedroom Tapes,2000,Arista
Dani & Lizzy,Dive In,Work of Heart,2016,604 Records
Seanan McGuire,Carnival Glass,Wicked Girls,2011,Self-published/CDBaby
Amy Lavere,Dark Moon,Runaway’s Diary,2014,ARCHER Records
Seanan McGuire,Pretty Little Dead Girl,Stars Fall Home,2007,Self Published
Sister Sadie,I’m Not A Candle In The Wind,Sister Sadie II,2018,pinecastle
Jane Siberry,Pontchartrain,Hush,2000,Sheeba Records
Taylor Dane,I Will Be Your Shelter,Women for Women (v/a),1994,PolyGram

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