Womyn's music and music by women

WMW Oct 21 2018 host Gina

Ani DiFranco,Hello Birmingham,Canon,2007,Righteous Babe Records

Anita Antoniette,Waiting on the World to Change,Waiting on the World to Change (The Voice Performance),2015,Universal Republic Records

Liz and the Lovelies,Progress Into Simplicity,Progress Into Simplicity,2017,Self

Marina Crouse,The Cisco Kid,Never Too Soon,2018,Little Village Foundation

Barbara Blue,Wild Women,Fish In Dirty H2O,2018,Big Blue Records

Vanja Sky,Crossroads of Life,Bad Penny,2018,Ruf Records

The Resonant Rogues,Am I Right,Hands in the Dirt,2017,The Resonant Rogues

Holly Near,Coup D’Etat,2018,2018,Calico Tracks Music

Iva Dawn,Are You Down,Hummingbirds & Helicopters:A Benefit for South Texas,2018,Cinquefoil Records

Chastity Brown,Whisper,Silhouette of Sirens,2018,Red House/Compass

B,Ghost,Ghosts Underneath My Skin,2018,Self Released

Daphne Lee Martin,Don’t Let the Sun Go Down,Scared Fearless,2018,Pleasure Loves Company/Les Petites Morts

Qristina Brooke,Grondeuse,Linger,2018,Self Released

Amy Ray,Last Taxi Fare,Holler,2018,Daemon Records

Tiffany Austin,Someday We’ll All Be Free,Unbroken,2018,Con Alma Music

Arianna Neikrug,Let’s Stay Together,Changes,2018,Concord Jazz

Rachel Caswell,Fragile,We’re All In The Dance,2018,Turtle Ridge Records

Judith Owen,Blackbird,Rediscovered,2018,Twanky Records

Jana Stanfield,I Wish You Strength,Let The Change Begin,2005,Relatively Famous Records

Jana Stanfield,Dare to Be,Let The Change Begin,2005,Relatively Famous Records

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