Womyn's music and music by women

Playlist Date,On Air,Off Air,Show Name,Category,DJ Name
2017-03-26,13:00:00,15:00:00,Womyn Making Waves,Music,Gina
Artist,Song,Disk,Disk Released,Label
Ani DiFranco,Shameless,Dilate,1996,Righteous Babe Records
Valerie June,Man Done Wrong,The Order of Time,2017,Concord Records
Melissa Etheridge,I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now),Memphis Rock and Soul,2016,”MLE Music, Inc.”
Angel Forrest,Wildflower,Angel’s 11,2016,Ad Litteram
Hurricane Ruth,Whole Lotta Rosie,Ain’t Ready for the Grave,2017,Hurricane Ruth Records
Patty Reese,”Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”,Let In The Sun,2017,Azalea City Recordings
Lara Herscovitch,The Conductor,Misfit,2016,La Rama
Gillian Welch,Georgia Road,Boots No. 1 The Official Revival Bootleg disc 1,2016,Acony Records
Susan Kane,Comes a Time,Mostly Fine,2016,Susan Kane
Susan B Anthony,Women’s Right to Vote,Women’s Right to Vote,0000,You Tube
Rebecca Loebe,Say So,Blink,2017,Black Wolf
Anna & Elizabeth,Sun to Sun,Sun to Sun,2016,Free Dirt
Courtney Marie Andrews,Put the Fire Out,Honest Life,2016,Mama Bird
Jennifer Cutting,She,Waves,2017,SunSign
Caroline Doctorow,Across the Universe,Dreaming in Vinyl,2016,Narrow Lane Records
Los Hijos de la Montana,Amore De Lejos,Los Hijos de la Montana,2015,Cosmica Records
Marianne Faithfull,Ghost Dance,20th Century Masters – Marianne Faithfull,2003,Island Records
Lake Street Dive,How Good it Feels,Side Pony,2016,Nonesuch
Lottie,Under My Skin,Gold,2017,unknown
Norah Jones,Burn,Day Breaks,2016,Blue Note Records
Tanya Donelly,Between The Bars,Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith,2016,American Laundromat1
Jen Chapin & Rosetta Trio,”You Haven’t Done Nothin”””,Light of Mine,2008,Purple Chair Music
Charlee Remitz,Saints Until Fridays,Saints Until Fridays,2016,Trend Def
Gloria,This Must be the Place (Naive Melody),People Like You and Me,2003,WM Sweden
Joss Stone,Don’t Cha Wanna Ride,Mind Body & Soul,2004,curve records
Lilli Lewis,Very Small Things,Very Small Things,2009,Elysium Recor


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