Womyn's music and music by women

Week of April 17th
It Happens Here
Monday, April 18th, 7:30 pm
SDRP 2025

An event that allows survivors of sexual assault to reclaim their voices. Personal narrative, anonymity and local are used to show sexual assault happens here and happens to anyone.

Body, Mind & Soul: Spirituality in the Aftermath of Sexual Assault
Tuesday, April 19th, 7 pm
University YMCA, Room K1
Sponsored by the Counseling Center

A panel of community members from faith and spiritual backgrounds who work with survivors will discuss how sexual assault has affected them in unique ways, including the conceptualization of and healing from the assault.

Writ n’ Rhymed Poetry Open Mic
Wednesday, April 20th, 7–9 pm
Women’s Resources Center, 703 S. Wright St, 2nd Floor, Champaign

Come enjoy poetry, spoken word, performance, and prose! With a theme of “Things You Wish You’d Said,” the event will focus on giving a voice back to those who have been affected by sexual assault. All are welcome to share your own work, read a piece you really enjoy, or just be part of the audience. No need to sign up beforehand – signup sheet will be passed around at the event. Refreshments will be provided. Should you require additional accommodations please contact us.


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