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Women’s Resources Center Newsletter August 18 2015

Women’s Resources Center Newsletter—August 18, 2015

2nd Floor; 703 S. Wright Street, Champaign IL

Special WELCOME BACK Edition!!

MondayAugust 24 @ 12noon @ women’s Resources Center—Dish It Up | Sambaza Knowledge: Feminism and Civic Education by Kenyan Women’s Rights Groups with Brenda Nyandiko Sanya, Doctoral Student in the Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership. The first in our Lunch On Us | Dish It Up series. Includes free lunch and great presentation. Sponsored by the Women’s Resources Center. Funded in part by SCPF.


WednesdayAugust 26 @ 3 to 5pm @ Women’s Resources Center—Women’s Equality Day | 95th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote! Join us for an open house to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the passage of constitutional amendment granting women the right to vote. We’ll have cake and other treats!

Monday—August 31 @ 12noon @ Women’s Resources Center—Dish It Up & Quench | One Doula’s Story Of Challenging Racism, Transphobia, and Capitalism in the Quest for Birth Justice with Kristina Khan, Radical Birth Doula. Includes free lunch and great presentation. Sponsored by the Women’s Resources Center and the LGBT Resource Center. Funded in part by SCPF.

ThursdaySeptember 3 @ 6–8pm @ Arcade Courtyard (Behind Financial Aid, Career Center, and Student Services Bldgs.)—Welcome Back | yard BBQ. The Women’s Resources Center and the Career Center will be hosting a Welcome Back/yard BBQ  featuring picnic foods, games, music, and dancing in the Arcade Courtyard behind the Financial Aid Office. Following the BBQ, there will also be a Quad Film Screening beginning at 8:30pm. Don’t miss out on an evening of fun and a chance to kick back and celebrate the beginning of another year on campus! Vegan and gluten-free food options will be available. All students welcome. Sponsored by the Women’s Resources Center and the Career Center.

ThursdaySeptember 3 @ Film begins at dusk (Estimated start time 8:30pm) @ Main Quad (Anniversary Plaza; outdoors)—Selma. SELMA is the story of a movement. The film chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a dangerous campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement.  Director Ava DuVernay’s SELMA tells the real story of how the revered leader and visionary Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his brothers and sisters in the movement prompted change that forever altered history. Sponsored by the Women’s Resources Center together with Inclusive Illinois, the Illini Union Board, The Career Center, Bruce D. Nesbitt African-American Cultural Center, & DiversityEd | Funded in part by Inclusive Illinois.

TuesdayAugust 25 @ 4–6 pm (Program begins at 4:30 pm) @ Illini Union Room 314 A&B—LGBT Resource Center Welcome Back Event. Celebrate the start of a new year with food, music, and opportunities to meet LGBT Resource Center staff, LGBT RSOs, campus partners, and more! Come find out how to get involved with and stay connected to LGBTQ life at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! First year students, returning students, staff and faculty partners are all invited. Sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center. Funded in part by SCPF.

Saturday—August 29 @ 10 am– 4 pm @ SDRP, Ikenberry Commons—Q-Connect Retreat. Q-Connect is an extended welcome program for first year LGBTQIA identified students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This six week long program will provide opportunities for LGBTQIA identified college students to make a successful transition to the U of I.  The main event is the day-long Q-Connect welcome event on Saturday, August 29th from 10-4pm in the SDRP. Here students will have opportunities to get to know each other, to talk about personal histories and identities, and hear from current students about how what success has looked like for them at U of I. After the day-long workshop, we invite students to attend weekly sessions that will cover a variety of useful topics. Sponsored by the LGBT Resource Center.

Tuesday—September 1 @ 5:30pm @ Student Dining Residential Program Building (SDRP)—¿Que Pasa La Casa? A Latina/o Orientation to meet members of the over 20 student organizations affiliated with La Casa and the people/students who work at La Casa. Learn more about the resources and programs that can make a real difference during your time on campus. Sponsored by La Casa Cultural Latina.



A Documentary: The Last Lesbian Bar (via Broadly)

This is a fascinating look at the disappearance of the lesbian bar in America.

Thanks, Jamie Anderson for posting this on Facebook


Playlist for Womyn Making Waves August 16 2015

Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy / Walk Away Renee / Duets / 2014 / Rhino
Lisa Koch / Hickey / Colorblind Blues / 1991 / Mamajune Music
Margie Adam / Best Friend (The Unicorn Song) / The Best Of Margie Adam / 1990 / Pleiades
Maria Muldaur / Don’t You Make Me High / Maria Muldaur / 1973 / Reprise
Mary Chapin Carpenter / He Thinks He’ll Keep Her / Party Doll & Other Favorites / 1999 / Sony
Mary Ellen Wessels / She is Always There / Current Obsessions / 2003 / Love Song Productions
Mary Gauthier / How You Learn to Live Alone / Trouble and Love / 2014 / In The Black Records
Meg Christian / Sweet Darlin’ Woman / The Best Of Meg Christian / 1990 / Olivia
Melissa Etheridge / Brave and Crazy / Brave And Crazy / 1989 / Island
Melissa Ferrick / I Don’t Want You to Change / The Truth Is / 2013 / MPress Records
Nanci Griffith / There’s a Light Beyond These Woods / There’s A Light Beyond These Woods (P) 1986 / 1977 / Philo
Nancy Hill / Long Time Friends / Symphony / / Self Published
Natasha Borzilova / Only the Best / Wilder Days / 2015 / Double Nine/Hadley
Ginger Doss / Dance Around the Fire / Hippie Pocket / 2015 / Still Mind Wild Heart
Pink / Save My Life / Try This / 2003 / Arista
Pat Benatar / We Belong / Best Shots / 1989 / Capitol
Phoebe Snow / It Must Be Sunday / Phoebe Snow 1974 Reissue / 1995 / the Right Stuff
Miss Marcy & her Texas Sugar Daddy’s / Deep Ellum / Deep Ellum / 2015 / Csp Records
Phranc / Bull Dagger Swagger / Goofyfoot / 1995 / Kill Rock *s
The Pretenders / You Know Who Your Friends Are / Loose Screw / 2002 / Planetary
Rachael Sage / Happiness (Maddie’s Song) / Blue Roses / 2014 / MPress Records
Reformed Whores / Girl Crush / Ladies Don’t Spit / 2012 / CD Baby
Roberta Flack / You’ve Got a Friend / The Best Of / 1981 / Rhino/Atlantic
Robin Greenstein / Whore’s Lament / Images of Women, Vol. 2 / 2010 / Windy Records
Ronnie Gilbert & Hollie Near / When I’m Not Near the Girl I Love / This Train Still Runs / 1996 / Abbe Alice Music
Rude Girl / We Don’t Need the Men / Mixed Messages / 1989 / Flying Fish
Nedra Johnson / Michfest Blues / Nedra / 2005 / Big Mouth Girl records
Laura Love / Can I Get a Wet Nurse? / Welcome to Pagan Place / 2003 / Koch
Kristina Stykos / Heart in the Wreckage / Horse Thief / 2015 / Thunder Ridge Records

Playlist for Womyn Making Waves August 9 2015 host Niecey Shizen-ji

Dorothy Moore / Misty Blue / Classic Soul Ballads / 1976 / unknown
Me”Shell Ndegeocello / Mary Magdelene / Peace Beyond Passion / 1996 / unknown
Joan Armatrading / All the Way from America / Gold / 1980 / unknown
Jonatha Brooke and the Story / Nothing Sacred / Plumb / 1995 / unknown
Jonatha Brooke / Is this All / Live / 1999 / unknown
Jennifer Kimball / It’s a Long Way Home / Veering from the Wave / 1998 / unknown
Scarlett Jane / Wild Fire / Stranger / 2012 / Scarlett Jane
Meg Christian / Ode to a Gym Teacher / I Know You Know / 2003 / unknown
Tegan & Sara / This is Everything / 5 Songs from the Phoenix / 2004 / unknown
Mahalia Barnes / Game is my Middle Name / Ooh Yea The Betty Davis Songbook / 2015 / unknown
Sinéad O’Connor / Take Me to Church / I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss / 2014 / unknown
Jenny Scheinman / That’s Delight / Crossing The Field / 2008 / unknown
Florence + The Machine / Girl with One Eye / Lungs / 2009 / unknown
Erykah Badu / Apple Tree / Badizm / 1997 / unknown
Deidre McCalla / Blessings / Everyday Heroes & Heroines / 1997 / unknown
Annie Lennox / Why / Diva / 1992 / unknown
Alison Krauss & Union Station / Let Me Touch You for Awhile / New Favorite / 2001 / unknown
K.d. Lang / Big Boned Gal / Live By Request / 2001 / unknown
Ani DiFranco / Dilate / So Much Shouting So Much Laughter / 2002 / Righteous Babe Records
Anita Baker / Sweet Love / The Best of / 1986 / unknown
Emmylou Harris / The Pearl / Red Dirt Girl / 2000 / unknown
Bette Midler / Do You Want to Dance / Experience the Divine / 1993 / unknown
Cris Williamson & Tret Fure / Little World Spinning Blue / Postcards from Paradise / 1994 / unknown
Michelle Shocked / Come a Long Way / Mercury Poise: 1988-1995 / 1991 / Mercury Records

August Women’s History Events and Birthdays via NWHP

August 26, 2015
75th Anniversary of Women in the United States Winning the Vote

August Women’s History Events 
  • August 6, 1965 – The Voting Rights Act outlaws the discriminatory literacy tests that had been used to prevent African Americans from voting. Suffrage is finally fully extended to African American women
  • August 8, 1969 – Executive order 11478 issued by President Nixon requires each federal department and agency to establish and maintain an affirmative action program of equal employment opportunity for civilian employees and applicants
  • August 9, 1995 – Roberta Cooper Ramo becomes the first woman to hold the office of president of the American Bar Association
  • August 10, 1993 – Ruth Bader Ginsburg is sworn in as the second woman and 107th Justice to serve on the US Supreme Court
  • August 12, 1972 – Wendy Rue founds the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), the largest businesswomen’s organization in the US
  • August 14, 1986 – Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper retires from active duty in the US Navy. A pioneering computer scientist and inventor of the computer language COBOL, she was the oldest officer still on active duty at the time of her retirement
  • August 23, 1902 – Fanny Farmer opens the “School of Cookery” in Boston, MA
  • August 26, 1920 – The 19th Amendment of the US Constitution is ratified granting women the right to vote
  • August 26, 1970 – Betty Friedan leads a nationwide protest called the Women’s Strike for Equality in New York City on the fiftieth anniversary of women’s suffrage
  • August 26, 1971 – The first “Women’s Equality Day,” initiated by Representative Bella Abzug, is established by Presidential Proclamation and reaffirmed annually
  • August 26, 2015 – 75th Anniversary of women in the US winning the right to vote. Women’s Rights and Women’s Equality Day Resources
  • August 28, 1963 – More than 250,000 gather for a march on Washington, DC, and listen to Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech
  • August 29thNWHP Celebrates 35 Years in Sonoma County
  • August 30, 1984 – Judith A. Resnick is the second US woman in space, traveling on the first flight of the space shuttle Discovery
August Birthdays
  • August 1, 1923 (2006)- Beatrice Medicine, Standing Rock Sioux anthropologist, focused on the roles of Lakota women in changes facing their cultures in areas including bilingual education, alcohol and drug use, abuse, socialization of children, and identity needs, author of Learning to Be an Anthropologist and Remaining Native
  • August 2, 1902 (1997)- Mina Rees, mathematician, first woman president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1971)
  • August 3, 1905 (1995) – Maggie Kuhn, senior rights activist, founded the Gray Panthers
  • August 4, 1890 (1976)- Barbara Armstrong, lawyer, first female law professor at a law school of a major university, Boalt Hall, at the University of California at Berkeley, expert on social economics
  • August 6, 1886 (1916) – Inez Milholland Boissevain, a lawyer and suffrage leader; gowned in white and riding a white horse, she lead a suffrage parade in Washington, DC, during Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration
  • August 6, 1903 (1999)-Virginia Durr, civil rights activist and author, founding member of the Southern Conference on Human Welfare (1938)
  • August 6, 1911 (1989)- Lucille Ball, comedian, actress, and television executive, starred in TV series “I Love Lucy” from 1950 to 1960, first woman to own a major television studio, Desilu Productions
  • August 9, 1919 (1986)- Leona Woods Marshall Libby, physicist, only woman on the team that built the world’s first nuclear reactor,worked on the Manhattan Project, professor at New York University and UCLA
  • August 11, 1941- Elizabeth Holtzman, youngest woman elected to U.S. Congress, (D-NY, 1973-81), first woman District Attorney in New York City (1981)
  • August 12, 1889 (1981)- Zerna Sharp, author, called the “Mother of Dick and Jane,” helped create the popular reading series with bright action picture stories and one new word on each page
  • August 13, 1818 (1893) – Lucy Stone, suffragist and supporter of rights for women and African Americans, boldly kept her own name when she married
  • August 13, 1893 (1986)- Eva Dykes, first African-American woman to earn a doctoral degree (in English from Radcliffe College in 1921), professor at Howard University, and Chair of the English Dept. at Oakwood College
  • August 14, 1899 (1990)- Caroline Ware, history professor, pioneer in the “cultural approach to History,” expert on consumer affairs, Chair of the American Association of University Women Committee on Social Studies
  • August 14, 1911 (1991)- Ethel Payne, called “The First Lady of the Black Press,” first African American female radio and television commentator at a national news organization (CBS) in 1972
  • August 15, 1903 (1984)- Ellen Winston, first U.S. Commissioner of Welfare in the Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare (1963-1967)
  • August 15, 1913 (1998)- Aurora Castillo, community activist, co-founded Mothers of East Los Angeles (1984)which worked against a proposed prison and hazardous waste dump in East Los Angeles
  • August 15, 1918 (1995)- Fay Knopp, pacifist and feminist, prison reformer, member of Women Strike for Peace, pioneered more humane treatment of prisoners based on compassion and a belief that people can change themselves
  • August 17, 1891 (1980)- Marion Kenworthy, psychiatrist, first woman president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, professor at New York School of Social Work (now Columbia University School of Social Work)
  • August 17, 1893 (1980)- Mae West, iconic actress and sex symbol, started in Vaudeville, starred in plays, movies, radio, and television
  • August 17, 1906 (1998)- Hazel Bishop, chemist, created the first “kiss-proof” lipstick, founded a cosmetics company, Hazel Bishop, Inc.
  • August 17, 1927 (1997)- Elaine Hedges, educator, helped create the field of Women’s Studies, founding member of the National Women’s Studies Association, founded the Women’s Studies Program at Towson University, one of the oldest programs in the country, writer and editor for The Feminist Press
  • August 18, 1893 (1982)- Ragini Devi, American specialist in classical and folk ethnographic dances, won acclaim from dance critics, wrote Dance Dialects of India in 1972, later performed with her daughter and granddaughter
  • August 18, 1902 (1991)- Leona Baumgartner, physician, first woman to be commissioner of the New York City Dept. of Health (1954), advocated for public health education, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (1962)
  • August 18, 1927- Rosalynn Carter, U.S. First Lady from 1977 to 1981, politically active while in the White House, focused on mental health, senior citizens, and community voluntarism, co-founded the Carter Center with her husband in 1982
  • August 19, 1895 (1987)- Vera Weisbord, radical activist, labor organizer, and feminist,organized women textile worker strikes in the 1920s, active in the Civil Rights Movement, wrote her autobiography, A Radical Life, in 1977, also a painter
  • August 19, 1920 (1999)- Donna Allen, founder of the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press in 1972 to publicize and research women’s issues which she thought were ignored by the main stream media
  • August 22, 1883 (1984)- Ruth Underhill, anthropologist and professor, studied with Ruth Benedict who encouraged traveling with native women to learn their history, wrote of the Papago Native American culture, and taught in the Bureau of Indian Affairs schools
  • August 22, 1912 (1996)- Cornelia “Coya” Knutson, first woman elected to the U.S. Congress from Minnesota (1955-1959), first woman on the Agriculture Committee, defeated after an infamous “Come Home Coya” lettersupposedly written by her estranged husband
  • August 23, 1899 (1999)- Grace Chu, cookbook author and teacher, emigrated from Shanghai in 1920 with a scholarship from Wellesley College, taught Chinese cooking, wrote Madame Chu’s Cooking School Cookbook in 1975
  • August 26, 1898 (1979)- Peggy Guggenheim, art collector and socialite, started buying modern art in 1938 and amassed an impressive collection
  • August 26, 1908 (1986)- Cynthia Wedel, first woman elected President of the National Council of Churches (1969-1972), president of the World Council of Churches (1975-1983), argued that women should be treated as equals in the church
  • August 26, 1935 (2011)- Geraldine Ferraro, first woman to run for Vice President of the U.S. on a major party ticketin 1984 (with Democratic candidate Walter Mondale), attorney, U.S. Congresswoman (NY, 1979-1985)
  • August 29, 1913 (1991)- Sylvia Kaye, lyricist and composer, wrote over 100 songs for her husband, Danny Kaye, television producer, and teacher
  • August 30, 1907 (1992)- Luisa Moreno, labor leader and Mexican-American civil rights activist, emigrated from Guatemala, helped organize”El Congreso del Pueblo de Habla Espanola” (Spanish-Speaking Peoples Congress) in 1938, worked for the United Cannery, Agricultural, Packing, and Allied Workers of America (UCAPAWA)

For educational and celebration materials visit, Women’s Rights and Women’s Equality Day Resources

Women’s Resources Center Newsletter July 31 2005

Women’s Resources Center Events

MondayAugust 3 @ 12noon for “Trauma and Politics” with Kaye Usry, Department of Political Science. It’s a brown bag event but we will provide some refreshments and treats!

WednesdayAugust 5  @ 4pm @ WRC—Sex & Gender Film Series | PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER. On Feb. 21, 2012, members of the feminist art collective Pussy Riot, donning their colorful trademark balaclavas, or ski masks, participated in a 40-second “punk prayer protest” on the altar of Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral before being detained. Arrested and tried for trespassing, wearing “inappropriate” sleeveless dresses and disrupting social order, Nadia, Masha and Katia were accused of religious…s hatred in a trial that reverberated around the world and transformed the face of Russian society. An official selection of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, where it received the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Punk Spirit, PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER tells their story with exclusive interviews and unprecedented access to courtroom footage. Filmed over the course of six months by directors Mike Lerner (HBO’s “Afghan Star”) and Maxim Pozdorovkin, PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER reveals the real people behind the balaclavas. Through interviews with band members, family and the defense team and unprecedented footage of the trial, the film highlights the forces that transformed these women from playful political activists to modern-day icons, exposing the state of Russian justice in the modern era. Come enjoy another great film about women and art, munch on popcorn and sip on lemonade!! FREE!

ThursdayAugust 6 @ 4pm @ Women’s Resources Center—Women on the Move | Yoga for Healing Series! A perfect way to de-stress after a long week! We will provide yoga mats and blocks as well as the instructors. Free!

Women on Top: Celebrating Women Behind the Camera @ The Art Theatre Co-op in Downtown Champaign. “Hollywood is supposedly a community of forward thinking and progressive people, yet this horrific situation for women directors persists. Gender discrimination stigmatizes our entire industry. Change is essential.”– Kathryn Bigelow                                                                              The Art Theater Co-op is proud to present a summer-long series celebrating women feature film directors. Bringing together an eclectic mix of films representing the breadth and depth of women’s filmmaking, WOMEN ON TOP: CELEBRATING WOMEN BEHIND THE CAMERA is focused on honoring the vision and artistry of women directors while simultaneously highlighting the serious lack of women in film production. Women have directed only 6% of studio feature films in the last year, and in the past five years only one woman has directed more than one studio feature. By celebrating the groundbreaking work of women directors,WOMEN ON TOP aims to stimulate conversation about the overwhelming gender disparity in feature film direction while shining a spotlight on women directors working against all odd

WednesdayAugust 12 @ 9:00pm—Tank Girl (Rachel Talalay, 1995). Loosely based on the comic book series of the same name, Tank Girl is a Crayola-colored, sun-soaked, fight for survival in a futuristic, drought-riddled world. Battling an evil corporation bent on controlling the world’s population through its last water reserves, androgynous punk heroine Rebecca (Lori Petty as the eponymous Tank Girl) and a band of misfit warriors fight to protect the last free water supply and their own independence. Director Rachel Talalay cut her teeth working for John Waters, and skillfully directs an eclectic cast including Petty, Ice-T, Naomi Watts, Iggy Pop, and Malcolm McDowell in this wild, surreal, art-pop film. Bolstered by a soundtrack curated by Courtney Love and featuring the likes of Bjork, Devo, Hole, and Portishead, Tank Girl embodies 1990’s Riot Grrl style, independence, and wit. “Tank Girl’s” screen assault has a “no prisoners” attitude…dazzling pyrotechnics, state-of-the-art makeup, a lavish song-and-dance production, nifty animation reflecting its comic book origins and a thumping rock soundtrack.” Variety     

WednesdaySeptember 16 @ 9:00pm—Love & Basketball (Gina Prince-Bythewood, 2000). The directorial debut of screenwriter Gina Prince-Bythewood (director of 2014’s highly-praised Beyond The Lights), Love & Basketball is a heady combination of sport, sexual politics, female alienation, and the desire for emotional attachments. Childhood friends Quincy (Omar Epps) and Monica (Sanaa Lathan) have always wanted the same thing: to play professional basketball. Following their friendship and professional aspirations over the course of thirteen years, the film is a quiet but forceful reminder that all is not fair in love and sports–especially for women who want to play on the court and not cheer on the sidelines. A poignant and sympathetic film carried by marvelous performances from Epps and Lathan, Love & Basketball heralded Prince-Bythewood as a contemporary female director to watch–a pronouncement she has been making good on over the last 15 years. “Stylishly shot and bursting with visual and sexual energy, this is confident black women’s film-making and an eloquent tribute to the girl with the permanently grazed knees – and about time too.” Time Out “A startling debut full of emotional depth and political punch.” Film.com

The Art Theater Co-op is the country’s only cooperatively owned art house theater. As a community-driven organization, the Art Theater is dedicated to being a vibrant and welcoming space where audiences old and new can enjoy a classic cinema experience. The Art Theater’s mission is to cultivate an engaged audience for art house, independent, and foreign films while promoting local filmmakers and strengthening the art house cooperative movement. CONTACT: Austin McCann, General Managerthe.art.theater@gmail.com

Counseling Center | Fall 2015 QUEER WOMEN’S GROUP | Facilitators: Jodi Thomas, PsyD and Deidre Weathersby, PhD| Time: Tuesdays 1:002:30pm @ 206 Student Services Building; 610 E. John Street, Champaign. The Queer Women’s Group is open to undergraduate and graduate students who self-identify as a queer woman (lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, queer, questioning, etc). Like other process-oriented therapy groups, we will attend to interpersonal relationships, which may include intimacy, boundaries, and self-awareness, but members may come to group with a variety of concerns, such as depression, adjustment, anxiety, relationship issues, and other personal concerns. We hope to create a safe space for queer women to discuss issues relevant to them and the LBTQ community (such as coming out, identity, relationships with family and friends, dating, and oppression). The specific focus of the group will be shaped by the group’s unique needs. Start date TBD. Therapy groups at the Counseling Center are confidential. To inquire about a group screening, please call the Counseling Center at 217.333.3704.http://counselingcenter.illinois.edu/

The campus and community programs/events listed do not reflect the views of Women’s Resources Center or the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations. WRC newsletters are a weekly service designed to provide information and updates on the women’s community and the general campus community. This newsletter is sent out every Friday. Any campus departments, student organizations or community groups that would like to submit events or announcements to the newsletter must submit detailed information, including contact information, to Pat Morey: pmorey@illinois.edu byThursday at 12pm (noon). We reserve the right to edit announcements.


Womyn Making Waves playlist August 2 2015

Joyous Lammas all


April Verch / Don’t Come Home a Drinkin’ / Bright Like Gold / 2013 / Slab Town
Beth Patterson / Eden / Take Some Fire / 2002 / Little Blue Men Records
Brenda Kahn / Smoking in the Jane Room / Outside The Beauty Salon / 2005 / Shanachie
Christa Wells / Feed Your Soul / Feed Your Soul / 2013 / Kiss Me Not Publishing
Cosy Sheridan / Would You Like to Hear the Voice Inside My Head / The Horse King / 2011 / Waterbug
Dar Williams / You’re Looking Well / The Honesty Room / 1995 / Razor & Tie
Eve Selis / Water Off A Duck’s Back / Family Tree / 2011 / HCT Records
Four Bitchin’ Babes / American Woman / 4 BitchinBabes DierdreFlint,NancyMoran,Debi Smith,SallyFingerett 09 Diva Nation (self) / 2009 / Hem and Haw Productions
Jamie Anderson / Dark Chocolate / Drive All Night / 1999 / Tsunami Records
The Waifs / Blindly Believing / Beautiful You / 2015 / Compass/Jarrah
Janis Ian / Jolene / Folk is the New Black / 2006 / Rude Girl
Jill Sobule / I Kissed a Girl / Jill Sobule / 1995 / Lava Records
Joan Armatrading / Is It Tomorrow Yet? / Me Myself I / 1980 / A&M
Joan Armatrading / Friends / Me Myself I / 1980 / A&M
Joan Baez / Jesse / Ring Them Bells / 1995 / Razor & Tie
Joan Osborne / Love and Hate / Love and Hate / 2014 / Womanly Hips Records & Entertainment One
Sonya Heller / Can We Save the Day / 17 West / 2015 / Sonya Heller
Joni Mitchell / You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio / For The Roses / 1972 / Asylum
Meg Braun / June 16, 1935 / Restless Moon / 2015 / Meg Braun
Martin Simpson / For the Lovin’ of the Game / Judith / 1975 / Elektra
Judy Fjell / Gee I’m Glad I’m Me / Livin’ On Dreams / 1988 / Honey Pie Music
Laura Love / I’m Gonna Lay By My Friend Gi / Z Therapy / 1990 / Octoroon Biography
Judy Nazemetz / I’m Old (Amy’s Song) / 2014 Variety Pak / 2014 / Smokey Lady Music
Stacy Jones / Whiskey, Wine and Water / Whiskey, Wine and Water / 2015 / Stacy Jones
K.d. Lang / World of Love / All You Can Eat / 1995 / Warner Bros.
Kate Miller-Heidke / Sarah / Nightflight / 2012 / Sony
Kiya Heartwood / Cross Teh Line / Bold Swimmer / 2012 / Outlaw Hill Arts
Kris McKay / Could Talking Be Like Dancing / What Love Endures / 1990 / Arista
Laura Nyro / Emma / Eli and the Thirteenth Confession / 1968 / Columbia
Tia McGraff / Nineteen / Crazy Beautiful / 2015 / Bandana