Womyn's music and music by women

Bonnie Raitt,About to Make Me Leave Home,Sweet Forgiveness,1977,Warner Bros.
Fiona Apple,Across the Universe,Pleasantville (Music from the Motion Picture,1998,Sony
“Herdman, Hills and Mangsen”,Adios Ciudad,Voices,1990,Flying Fish
Duras Sisters,Adrift in Time,Rubenesque,1997,Dandelion Muisc
Holly Near,Bird Gonna Fly,Crushed!,2011,Calico Tracks Music
Janis Ian,Black & White,Hunger,1997,Windham Hill
Heart,Black on Black II,Desire Walks On,1993,Capitol
Cowboy Junkies,Blue Moon Revisited (a song for Elvis),200 More Miles: Live Performances 1985-1994 [Disc 2],1995,RCA
Butch McCarthy & Dori Legge,Bound to Your Heart,Damaged Goods,2010,Plimro Records
Joni Mitchell,Cactus Tree,Joni Mitchell,1968,WEA
Emy Tseng,California Dreamin’,Sonho,2013,Mei Music
Jane Fallon,A Capella Ella,Tangled in a Tree,2014,Jane Fallon BMI
Grace Griffith,Carry You,Sailing,2010,Blix Street
The Chenille Sisters,A Change Is Gonna Come,”Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm”,1992,Red House
Emma’s Revolution,Choir,”Roots, Rock and Revolution”,2009,Moving Forward
Annie Keating,Cowgirl in the Sand,For Keeps,2013,grapevine
Disappear Fear,Dance All Night,Disappear Fear,1994,Philo
Carey Creed,Dance With Your Sacred Body,Small Braveries,2012,Azalea City Recordings
Heidi Berry,Darling Companion,Heidi Berry,1993,4AD
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer,Daughters of Feminists,A Parents’ Home Companion,1995,Rounder
June Carter Cash,Diamond in the Rough,Press On,2003,dualtone
Jan Seides,Dishonesty,Siren Song,2011,Panda Productions
Alice Di Micele,Do You Dare,Demons & Angels,1998,Alice Otter Music
Christine Lavin,Don’t Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name,Future Fossils,1983,Philo
Brenda Kahn,Eggs on Drugs,Goldfish Don’t Talk Back,1990,Community 3
Jaggery,Elfin Arriety,polyhymnia,2006,Jaggery
Jean Synodinos,Enough is Enough,”Girls, Good & Otherwise”,2012,Fortunate Records
Julia Ecklar,Eternal Flame,Round Worm,2000,Roundworm
Cat Power,Evolution,You Are Free,2003,Matador
Jenny Allen,Face the Music,Blanket,2011,self-released
The Four Bitchin’ Babes,Facebook,Mid Life Vices,2012,Hem & Haw
Joan Baez,”Farewell, Angelina”,”Rare, Live and Classic”,1975,Vanguard
Carly Simon,Film Noir,Film Noir,1997,Arista
Jill Sobule,Flight,Dottie’s Charms,2014,Pinko Records
Broceliande,Galadriel’s Lament,The Starlit Jewel,1996,Flowinglass Music
Toni Lincoln,Toni Lincoln,Toni Lincoln,2014,nu-Wrinkle


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