Womyn's music and music by women

from Beaches (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Kellye Gray “SAILING”
from And, They Call Us Cowboys CD ALBUM
Raiatea Helm “’Ahulili”
from Hawaiian Blossom
Annette Funicello “Pineapple Princess”
from Annette’s Beach Party
Annie Keating “Cowgirl In The Sand”
from For Keeps
Dusty Springfield “Island Of Dreams”
from The Dusty Springfield Story
from Into White
Lara Herscovitch “HERE COMES THE SUN”
from Through a Frozen Midnight Sky
The Surf Bunnies “Surf Bunnie Beach”
from Surf Bunnies and Hot Honeys
The Petticoats “Surfin’ Sally”
from Surf Bunnies and Hot Honeys
Jean Mann “BEACH”
from Between the Rocks and Stars
Christine Lavin “85 Degrees”
from Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind
Gypsy Soul “The Snow, the Sea”
from The JOURNEY
Lily & Madeleine “Lost Upon the Sea”
from Lily & Madeleine
Lisa Engelken “SEA JOURNEY”
from Little Warrior
Shauna Burns “Seascape Sonata”
from Violet
Vienna Teng “Green Island Serenade”
from Warm Strangers
Amelia Scalies “Bottom Of The Ocean”
from I Should’ve Known
Carrie Elkin “Lift Up The Anchor”
from The Americana Agency sampler 2013
Yoko Ono “Toyboat”
from Season Of Glass
Lily Kershaw “LIKE THE SUN”
from Midnight in the Garden
Oleta Adams “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”
from The Very Best of Oleta Adams
Azam Ali & Loga R. Torkian “Spring Arrives”
from Woman’s World: A Six Degrees Collection of Global Women
Blossom Dearie “A Fine Spring Morning”
from I Hear Music (Dazzling Dames 2006)
Diane Hubka “Warming to Spring”
from West Coast Strings + 1
from Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie!
Club 8 “Spring Came, Rain Fell”
from Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen
from Lost In the Music
Jenica Rayne “Blue Skies Dreaming”
from Love Is Love
Rene Marie “Peel Me A Grape”
from I Wanna Be Evil: With Love to Eartha Kitt
K. D. Lang “I Dream of Spring”
from Watershed
Kristin Lems “Dangerous Spring”
from Equality Road
Cathy Maguire “Old Maid In The Garret”
from Ireland In Song
Joni Mitchell “Little Green”
from Blue
Irene Kelley (featuring Justyne & Sara Jean Kelley) “My Flower”
from Pennsylvania Coal
La Luz “Sure As Spring”
from It’s Alive
Sarah Jarosz “The Book of Right-On”
from Build Me Up From Bones
Sarah Alden “Fists of Violets”
Oh My Darling “Sail Away/Stowaway”
from Oh My Darling
The Mamas & The Papas “CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’”
from Creeque Alley – The History of the Mamas and the Papas
Fleetwood Mac “Silver Springs”
from Rumours
Seasick Mama “Tees & Jeans”
from Tip Top Shape
Loreena McKennitt “The Star of the County Down (Live)”
from The Journey So Far – The Best of Loreena McKennitt


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