Womyn's music and music by women

Alice DiMicele “Wise Old Woman”
from If I Were an Otter: Songs for Kids of All Ages
Liz Mitchell “In My City (Boston Strong)”
from In My City
The Mamas & The Papas “Wild Women”
from Creeque Alley – The History of the Mamas and the Papas
Cris Williamson “Dancing Star”
from Pray Tell
Yoko Ono – Plastic Ono Band “Bad Dancer”
from Take Me to the Land of Hell
Sarah Jarosz “Dark Road”
from Build Me Up From Bones
Sarah Alden “Ida Red”
from Fists of Violets
Erica Wheeler “Apache Motel”
from Good Summer Rain
LeAnn Rimes “Gasoline and Matches (Dave Aude Radio Mix) [feat. Rob Thomas & Jeff Beck]”
from Gasoline and Matches
Mary Fahl “How Much Love”
from Love & Gravity
Melanie Devaney “Sink or Swim”
from Single Subject
Amelia Scalies “Macey Brown (Green-Eyed Girl)”
from I Should’ve Known C
Casey Weston “Headed West”
from Find the Moon
Phranc “’64 Ford”
from Positively Phranc
Cher “Favorite Scars”
from Closer To the Truth
Dunia “Lost In The Music”
from Lost In the Music
The Wailin’ Jennys “Mona Louise”
from Bright Morning Stars
Tracy Chapman “Save Us All”
from Our Bright Future
Sj Tucker “My Kind of Angel”
from Tangles
The Pretenders “Thumbelina”
from Learning to Crawl
Patti Smith “Lo & Beholden (Radio Edit)”
from Outside Society
Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs “Don’t Wanna”
from GIRL
Lene Lovich “Lucky Number”
from Sedated in the Eighties
from Hungry for Stink
from Nightclubbing
Danni Nicholls “First Cuckoo of Spring”
from A Little Redemption
Kellye Gray “IN the GHETTO”
from And, They Call Us Cowboys
La Luz “Pink Slime”
from It’s Alive
Suzanne Vega “Don’t Uncork What You Can’t Contain”
from Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles
Donna Lynn “I’d Much Rather Be With the Girls”
from Donna Lynn Meets Robin Clark
Deap Vally “Gonna Make My Own Money”
from Sistrionix
Women’s International News Gathering Service “Dukes Vs Walmart”
Shannon Murray “Girl Enough: A Feminist Anthem”
from Shannon Murray


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