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Amanda Palmer-Judy Blume

Can’t play this on WMW (unless I decide to say *fuck it*) because Amanda F. Palmer is generally not FCC friendly but this song made me cry. For various reasons. I love Judy Blume…she wasn’t part of my childhood and isn’t a comfort author (Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Mitchell, Madeleine L’Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Heinlein) but Judy Blume’s Forever represents one of my most shameful moments and is one of the reasons I will never be a school librarian.

You can get An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer from her web site (click the link in this post), Amazon, itunes, etc. Buy it! Now!!!

I haven’t absorbed the whole thing yet (40 tracks, 3 cd’s) but Amanda’s music cuts like a knife…Neil is a virtuoso of words and, even if he wasn’t, he could read the phone book and make it sound sexy…you can tell how much they love each other and how perfect they are together.

I will say more about this cd when I have absorbed it.*

*Don’t hold your breath


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