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After many years of work to get to this point, the Illinois House of Representatives, moments ago, voted to pass the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, which will allow same-gender couples to legally marry within the state of Illinois. After, a procedural vote in the Senate, the bill will go to Governor Quinn, who has told me himself that he will sign the bill.

We are pretty excited around here, and I’m certain that you are as well. This happened because of YOU, and every supporter of equality throughout the state. There were folks in many states outside of Illinois helping us as well. We thank you for supporting The Civil Rights Agenda and our efforts.

We will keep you up to date as Governor Quinn signs the bill into law, in what is sure to go down as a historic moment in our country’s history. Once the Governor signs the bill, we will alert you about the implementation of the bill including how to transition a civil union into a marriage, the effective date of the bill, and how to address complaints of discrimination.

Although the bill passed we have much more work to do and you can help by making an online tax deductible donation to The Civil Rights Agenda. Your donation will go towards ensuring that the marriage equality bill is implemented appropriately throughout the entire state.

Also, we will now turn our focus to our Transgender Rights Project, the Mentorship Project that connects high school LGBTQ students with adult mentors to help them deal with bullying, the Workplace Project that educates employers in Illinois about LGBT workplace discrimination and harassment, as well as bridging the LGBTQ community and people of faith through our Faith Project. Information on all of our various projects can all be found in detail on jointcra.org. We do much more than just fight for marriage equality; we are fervently dedicated to the whole spectrum of LGBTQ rights and overall fairness.

No one said this was going to be an easy fight, but like with any great civil rights struggle – we needed your support to make it happen, and IT DID!  Thank you for your unending support and we hope that you will continue to support The Civil Rights Agenda as we strive to make even greater progress for LGBTQ people throughout the great state of Illinois.


Anthony Martinez,
Executive Director
The Civil Rights Agenda


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