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List of holiday shows on weft-via william gillespie


Saturday November 30
3-4 p.m. – Rock Geek F.M. Thanksgiving: Bands Named After Food

Monday December 2
6-7 p.m. – Nate Schwalm: Flashback Series (rock from a particular year TBA)
10-11 p.m. – WEFT SESSIONS LIVE: Paradigm Shift – hip-hop collective featuring T.R.U.T.H.

Monday December 9
6-7 p.m. – Rock Geek F.M. Holiday Special: Bad Parties (Part 2)
10-11 p.m. – WEFT SESSIONS LIVE: Tigerbeat – Dreampop / Indie Folk / Night Time Driving Music

Saturday December 15
3-4 p.m. – Rock Geek F.M. Xmas: Classic Christmas Rock, featuring Jolly Old Saint Rick Halberg

Monday December 16
6-7 p.m.- Susan Helmink (Paws Radio)
10-11 p.m. – WEFT SESSIONS LIVE: Rives & Co – Rock

Monday December 23
6-7 p.m.- Nate Schwalm: Flashback Series (rock from a particular year TBA)
10-11 p.m. – WEFT Sessions – Year-in-Review, Part 1

Thursday December 26
8-10 p.m. – Roots Rock Reggae meets Rock Geek F.M. Boxing Day Blowout > Tony Money and MC Willy G PhD ABD bring you two hours of !!! SKA !!!

Monday December 30
6-7 p.m.- Rock Geek F.M. New Years with Honcho (Tentative! TBA!)
10-11 p.m. – WEFT Sessions – Year-in-Review, Part 2

Monday January 6, 2014
6-7 p.m.- Nate Schwalm: Flashback Series (rock from a particular year TBA)

Monday January 13
6-7 p.m.- Susan Helmink (Paws Radio)

Monday January 20
6-7 p.m.- Eunice Bucknerboone
*** Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Program ***


Amanda Palmer-Judy Blume

Can’t play this on WMW (unless I decide to say *fuck it*) because Amanda F. Palmer is generally not FCC friendly but this song made me cry. For various reasons. I love Judy Blume…she wasn’t part of my childhood and isn’t a comfort author (Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Mitchell, Madeleine L’Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Heinlein) but Judy Blume’s Forever represents one of my most shameful moments and is one of the reasons I will never be a school librarian.

You can get An Evening with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer from her web site (click the link in this post), Amazon, itunes, etc. Buy it! Now!!!

I haven’t absorbed the whole thing yet (40 tracks, 3 cd’s) but Amanda’s music cuts like a knife…Neil is a virtuoso of words and, even if he wasn’t, he could read the phone book and make it sound sexy…you can tell how much they love each other and how perfect they are together.

I will say more about this cd when I have absorbed it.*

*Don’t hold your breath

Aussie Dyke Style

OMG….While working on material for the show tomorrow I came across this. It’s a bit risquĂ©  and funny all the same. I love the costumes in this video, they rock!   Birdie

About Goldi Blox

Here is the creator of Goldi Blox (shown in the Girls video below) explaining her concept to potential investors. Note: Kickstart says the financial goal for starting production of Goldi Blox was achieved in October of 2012.)


This is adorable!

Playlist November 17 2013 host kitten

Alanis Morissette / Sympathetic Character / Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie / 1998 / Maverick
Amanda Mabro / Intermission / Superwoman In the Making / 2006 / Xxi-21
Annette Funicello / California Sun / Annette’s Beach Party / 1963 / Walt Disney
Au Revior Simone / Night Majestic / The Bird of Music / 2007 / Our Secret Record Label
Bonnie Raitt / You Can’t Fail Me Now / Slipstream / 2012 / Red Wing Records
Lisa Forkish / Solidarity / Bridges / 2013 / self-released
Carly Simon / Reunions / Carly Simon / 1971 / Elektra
Deidre McCalla / Wait Until Morning / With a Little Luck / 2003 / Olivia
Elizabeth Cook / Mama’s Prayers / Balls / 2007 / 31 Tigers
Anna Laube / Angelina / Outta My Head / 2006 / Ginkgo
Layla Zoe / Hippie Chick / Sleep Little Girl / 2012 / Cable Car
Lisa Bigwood / Iris and Rose / Intrepid / 2009 / Mothersgirl Records
Leandra Ramm / Dream Angel / One Night With You / 2011 / Leandra Ramm
Leyla Fences / How Things Have Changed / Itty Bitty Twang Twang / 2012 / Leyla Fences
Phil Cooper & Susan Urban / Pretty Susan / February Sky / 2009 / self-released
Laurie Anderson / Little Red Dress / Strange Angels / 1989 / Warner Bros.
The Bangles / Through Your Eyes / Sweetheart of the Sun / 2011 / Model Music Group
Lisa Shaw / Free / Free / 2009 / Salted Music
Kristina Stykos / When the Leaves Come Down / The Lost Tapes 1982-1992 / 2011 / Thunder Ridge Records
Kristen Dewitt / Here Now / Here Now / 2004 / N/A
Alice DiMiceli / We Can Be Anything / If I Were An Otter / 2013 / Alice Otter Music
Amanda Pearcy / Forgiven / Royal Street / 2013 / Amanda Pearcy
Alix Dobkin / These Women / Love & Politics A 30 Year Saga / 1992 / Women’s Wax Works
Grace Potter & the Nocternals / Here’s to the Meantime / This is Somewhere / 2007 / Hollywood Records
Adina Even-Zohar / (I Wanna Be) Seduced / For The First Time (in a long time) / 2011 / ACUM
Holly Near / Backing Off and Pulling Away / Crushed! / 2011 / Calico Tracks Music
Sophie B. Hawkins / We Are One Body / Tongues and Tails / 1992 / Columbia
Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands / Bones and Lilies / Muses and Bones / 2012 / Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands
Phoebe Snow / It Must Be Sunday / Phoebe Snow 1974 Reissue / 1995 / the Right Stuff
Joan Armatrading / Water With the Wine / Joan Armatrading / 1976 / A&M Records
Cindy Lauper / A Hat Full of Stars / A Hat Full of Stars / 1993 / Sony
Cris Williamson / Fringe / Fringe / 2007 / Wolf Moon
Neko Case / Magpie to the Morning / Middle Cyclone / 2009 / Anti-
Annika Fehling / Miracle / Fireflies / 2010 / Rootsy.nu
Annie Keating / Take Only What You Can Carry / For Keeps / 2013 / grapevine

Women’s Resources Center Newsletter

Volume 5/Issue 13—November 15, 2013

This Week’s Activities @ WRC:
Friday—November 15 @ 3 – 4pm @ Women’s Resources Center—Men Against Rape and Sexual Violence (MARS) presents a film
and discussion! Men Against Rape and Sexual Violence (MARS) film/discussion series will take place on Friday's at 
3pm in the Women's Resources Center (703 S. Wright Street, 2nd Floor; Champaign IL). The series will continue until
Friday December 6th. The aim of this series to engage men as allies in the fight against violence and abuse against
 women. Films featured in this series are: Tough Guise; Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes; Wrestling with Manhood: 
Boys, Bullying, and Battering; and many more! This film series is free and open to the public; bring your friends! 
Monday – November 18 @ 12 noon @ Women’s Resources Center—Cultural Culprit | A Workshop by the Counseling Center
Paraprofessionals. The Counseling Center Paraprofessionals from the Counseling Center’s Trauma Treatment Team will
be presenting the workshop, “Cultural Culprits”, at the Women’s Resources Center at 12 p.m. on Monday, November 
18th. This workshop discusses the relationship between the media and rape culture, including various pop cultural
attitudes that may promote and perpetuate sexual violence. This is an interactive workshop and we encourage questions
and comments throughout our presentation. A free lunch will be included; open to ALL!
Monday – November 18 @ 5:30 to 6:30pm @ Women’s Resources Center—Women on the Move presents: Belly Fit Classes with 
Instructor, DoMonique Arnold. Belly Fit, a series designed for women-identifying students and part of our Women on 
the Move Series, consists of fitness classes for students seeking a women-identified workout space for religious or 
healing-related purposes. These FREE weekly belly dance classes are designed for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and 
abilities. Dress in clothes that are easy to move around in! The Belly Fit series continues all semester. FREE, open
to all students who are women-identified.
Monday – November 18 @ 7:00pm @ Women’s Resources Center – Illini Art Therapy. Come participate in art workshops led
by the Illini Art Therapy Association! Take a break from your classes and create art for self-reflection, self-
knowledge and empowerment. You don't have to be creative or artistic- though you may find out that you are! You'll 
be encouraged and guided in making images and writing that help you to reflect and reconnect with your emotions and
aspirations. Materials provided, open to ALL!
Tuesday – November 19 @ NOON @ Women’s Resources Center—WELLNESS CARE FOR PEOPLE OF SIZE | A Brownbag lunch Workshop
for Health and Wellness Professionals and Pre-Professionals featuring Ragen Chastain. This workshop will service as 
a look at how to best provide accessible, stigma-free, evidence-based wellness care for people of all sizes. Free 
and open to all.
Tuesday—November 19 @ 5:30pm @ Asian American Cultural Center; 2nd Floor resource Room, 1210 W. Nevada Street, Urbana
—Women’s Support Group. This weekly support group is for women students who have been sexually assaulted/abused or 
who have been abused within a relationship. The focus is on finding support and learning ways to cope with the 
emotional trauma of intimate abuse. Call Pat or Molly for more information @ 217.333.3137.
Tuesday—November 19 @ 5:30pm @ Women’s Resources Center— Body Image Action Coalition | Dinner with Ragen Chastain. 
Our 6-week discussion group for women and trans* students on race, gender/sexuality, (dis)ability, and body image! 
You must be already have registered as a member of the group to attend this special event!

Tuesday – November 19 @ 7:00 PM @ Allen Hall, Main Lounge, 1005 W Gregory Drive, U – THE POSTIVE BODY: Real Options 
Health, Happiness, and High Self Esteem featuring Ragen Chastain. Ragen Chastain speaks from her personal story of 
overcoming an eating disorder to become a three time National Dance Champion as a plus sized woman, and from her 
expertise as a trained researcher. Using a combination of humor and hard facts Ragen engages, entertains, and informs
audiences, helping people of all sizes to improve their relationships with their bodies, food, and movement. Author 
of the popular blog, www.DancesWithFat.org and the book Fat: The Owner’s Manual, Ragen’s writing has been published 
in forums including the Calgary Herald, Democratic Underground, and Jezebel.com and she is the women's health writer
for NBC's iVillage. Ragen is a feature interviewee in the documentary “America the Beautiful 2 – The Thin Command-
ments,” released by Warner Brothers in 2011. FREE—Everyone Welcome!
Wednesday – November 20 @ 7:00 PM @ University YMCA—DANCE DANCE, PARTY PARTY | Community Dance + Movement Workshop 
with Ragen Chastain. Join Ragen Chastain for a choreography workshop and open dance exploring body positivity, move-
ment, and community. This workshop and open dance space is free and open to the public and designed for everyBODY. 
Sponsored by the Strategic Initiatives Grant and part of the 2013-2014 Campus Body Image Initiative! FREE—Everyone 

Thursday – November 21 @ 7:00 PM @ Women’s Resources Center, Sex & Gender Film Series | Miss Navejo. Through this 
film, Billy Luther- whose own mother was crowned Miss Navajo in 1966- reveals the inner beauty of those who compete 
in this celebration of womanhood. Not only must contestants exhibit the poise and grace expected in typical pageants,
they must also answer tough questions in Navajo and demonstrate proficiency in skills essential to daily tribal life:
fry-bread making, rug weaving and sheep butchering. The Sex + Gender Film Series occurs on Thursdays at the Women's 
Resources Center in collaboration with the Department of Gender and Women's Studies, National Organization for Women 
UIUC Chapter, DiversityEd, and Department of Media and Cinema Studies.Free and open to the public- bring your 
friends! Paid for by the Student Cultural Programming Fee. Free—refreshments served!

Events This Week @ OIIR Cultural Centers/Units:
Friday—November 15 @ NOON @ Native American House- 1206 W. Nevada, Urbana —Chat 'N Chew | The Ancient Symbols of 
Anahuak: A Path to Native Meta-Languages- Akaxe Yotzin, Young Master of the Ancient Nahua Traditions, Temachtiani 
of the Native American Arts & Sciences of Chikomostok Academy. Free and open to all. Partially funded by SCPF.

Friday—November 15 @ 7:08pm @ BNAACC-708 S. Mathews Ave, U—”Sound Lounge 708.” Join Academy of African American 
Arts at 7:08 pm at BNAACC as Soul Premiere presents soulful love songs and inspirational music in ”Sound Lounge 708.”
In honor of Native American Heritage Month we will honor Janice Marie Johnson as we sing her Grammy Award winning 
song, "Boogie Oogie Oogie."

Sunday—November 10 @ 6:30 @ LBGT Resource Center—Women of Pride. Women of Pride is a student group made for women, 
by women, as a safe place to gather. We informally educate the campus community of cultural, political, and other 
social issues related to lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender people. One of our goals is to foster a sense of 
community among queer women and our allies. We do this by gathering weekly for discussions, workshops, and events 
on or off campus. We meet in the LGBT Resource Center (323 Illini Union) so that students become exposed to this 
resource on campus.

Monday—November 18 @ 6 pm @ Asian American Cultural Center—CHAI Time: Co-sponsored by Philippine Student Association.
On Friday November 8th, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda or Typhoon Haiyan (as called in the Philippines) struck the eastern 
islands of the Philippines. Dubbed a "super typhoon", Typhoon Haiyan is the largest typhoon to have ever struck the
Philippines and has caused massive damage. This storm strikes in heart of us all as our families and our fellow 
Filipinos suffer in its wake. Come and learn more about the typhoon, listen to the hearts of those who have been 
affected back home, and learn more about how you can help. Refreshments will be served! Hope to see you there!
Monday—November 18 @ 6pm @ La Casa Cultural Latina, Room 116—META: The Final Push: Surviving Finals! Co-sponsored by:
Kappa Delta Chi. FREE—Open to ALL!
Tuesday – November 19 @ 12 NOON @ Asian American Cultural Center, 1210 W Nevada St., U—Food for Thought | Influences 
and the Growth of the APA Pipeline: Reflections of a Student Activist Turned Corporate Lawyer featuring Paula Kim, 
University of Illinois Alumna. All lunches are free & open to ALL! Partially funded by SCPF.

Tuesday – November 19 @ 4:30pm @ SDRP; Residential Hall Dining—Harvest Dinner. FREE with meal plan, $10 tickets sold 
at Native American House. Sponsored by Native American House, Special Populations Student Health Concerns Committee, 
and Residential Dining Services.
Wednesday – November 20 @ NOON @ Bruce D. Nesbit African American Cultural Center, 708 S. Mathews Ave, U—Food for 
the Soul | Black & Native Relations: The Significance of Black and Red featuring Dr. Lorenzo DuBois Baber, Assistant 
Professor Higher Education, Department of Education Policy, Organization & Leadership. All lunches are free & open 
to ALL! Partially funded by SCPF.
Wednesday—November 20 @ 6pm @ La Casa Cultural Latina, Room 104—La Casa Cultural Latina Dinner Dialogue: Indigenous 
Communities, Mexican Migrants, & the U.S. – Mexico Borderlands. Co-sponsored by: Native American House, American 
Indian Studies, University YMCA, SACNAS & AIGSA. Free—ALL Welcome!
Tuesday—November 12 to January 31@ LaCasa Cultural Latina—YO SERÉ DOMINICANO. Artist Ana Ortega from Dominican 
Republic will be displaying her work at La Casa Cultural Latina. If you want to see samples of her work visit 
Thursday – November 21 @ NOON @ La Casa Cultural Latina, 1203 W Nevada St, U—Lunch @ La Casa | No Blacks, No Latinas,
No Queers: Revisiting Teen Girl Realness and the Performance of Cultural Drag featuring Xuxa Rodriguez, Art History. 
All lunches are free & open to ALL! Partially funded by SCPF.
Friday – November 22 @ NOON @ Diversity and Social Justice Education, 703 S Wright St, 2nd Floor, CH—Conversation 
Café | Of Mascots and Misinformation: The University of Illinois and Chief Illiniwek featuring Angela Walden, 
Psychology. All lunches are free & open to ALL! Partially funded by SCPF.

Native American House celebrates National Native American Heritage Month. Performances, workshops, and presentations
from members of the Cherokee, Hochunk, Oneida, Dakota, Mohican, Dine, Maori, and Choctaw tribes make up several high-
lights of the Heritage Month events.  Performance series during the noon hour at Illini Union Courtyard Café show-
casing intertribal singing and dancing, “Two Spirit Clients: A Counseling Dimension Workshop Presentation” facilitat-
ed by Dine tribal member Dr. Wesley Thomas (Dine) on November 18, and a Harvest Dinner featured at six residential 
dining halls on November 19th from 4:30pm to 8:30pm are the month’s highlights.
National Native American Heritage Month celebrates the modern and traditional cultures and its people and societies 
giving everyone the opportunity to learn about Native American people, culture and histories. November was declared 
as National Native American Heritage Month in 1990 by President George H.W. Bush with National Native American 
Heritage Day designated the day after Thanksgiving. Native American House Heritage Month is FUNDED BY THE STUDENT 
CULTURAL PROGRAMMING FEE and co-sponsored by the following: American Indian Studies, American Indian Studies Graduate
Student Association, Native American & Indigenous Student Organization, Illini Union Courtyard Café, Diversity & 
Social Justice Education, LGBT Resource Center, Bruce D. Nesbit African American Cultural Center, Women’s Resources 
Center, Channing Murray Foundation, Residential Dining Services, McKinley Health Center’s Special Populations Student
Health Concerns Committee, Department of Anthropology, School of Social Work, Gender & Women Studies, Takashi 
Nakashima Photography. Go to NAH calendar for full listing of events: http://oiir.illinois.edu/native-american-house. 

November 5, 2013 through January 28, 2014 @ Asian American Cultural Center—Paintings & Photography by Jessica Lee 
Rojas. “This body of work examines ideas of globalization and perception of race. I am interested in how too often 
Asian Americans face orientalism and feelings of displacement. I am biracial, torn between two incredibly different 
cultural heritages. Child of the World is a body of work that explores essentialism - the concept of shared 
characteristics among a group of people that are necessary to making that group what it is. In other words, what 
qualities are essential? Which are accidental? Which are due to social parameters?” Jessica Rojas is a painter 
from the northwest suburbs of Chicago and is currently earning her BFA in Painting here at U of I. Her paintings 
explore ideas of the other, the weird, the foreign, and the outsider. They have been exhibited at venues including 
Figure One Gallery in Champaign, IL, and Wings Gallery in DuPage, IL, and is part of the Barrington Area Ministerial
Association art collection. Her illustrations have been published in textbooks, such as Abecedarium and Lectiones 
Book I by Peter Sipes. Rojas has also taught painting and illustration classes at Kaleidoscope School of Art in Barrington, IL. Rojas has received first place in juried shows, the most recent being the The Deerfield Art Festival in IL.  She has interned at Terrain Exhibitions in Oak Park since May 2013. She currently serves as Undergraduate Representative on Figure One Gallery’s exhibition space committee.  

Get to know all events and activities happening at the cultural centers and departments in the Office of Inclusion 
and Intercultural Relations: http://oiir.illinois.edu/

Out & About on Campus and the CU Community:
Friday – November 15 (until November 25) @ 9 E University Ave, CH—Lensless: Photography of Katherine Clayton. 
A lover of grit and grain and everything imperfect, Katherine is a shoot-from-the-hip photographer.  She began her 
self-portrait series two years ago.  Using a combination of pinhole and zone plate digital photography, she creates 
unique dreamlike and often haunting visual narratives. Katherine's fine art has been exhibited in galleries across 
the country including Vermont Photography Workplace, A. Smith Gallery, Blackbox Gallery, Newspace Center for 
Photography, The Sun Magazine and F-Stop Magazine. For more information see: www.indi-go-art.com.

Sunday—November 17 @ 4:00pm @ UC Independent Media Center, 202 S. Broadway, Urbana, in the Family Room on the 
bottom floor—Champaign-Urbana Radical Reading Group | First Meeting! Our book for November is Anarchism and Its 
Aspirations by Cindy Milstein.  Our music choice for November is radical hip hop activist Son of Nun's Album The 
Art of Struggle.  These materials are available for free.  Visit our blog for links to these materials and other 
details: http://curadicalreading.wordpress.com/. Any questions email curadicalreading@gmail.com or 
tkhan6@illinois.edu. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday – November 19 @ 7:00pm @ Murphy Gallery, University YMCA—Painter Kim Curtis in Collaboration with Prairie
Rivers Network. Join us for the opening reception, discussion with the artist, as well as Glynnis Collins, Executive 
Director of Prairie Rivers Network.
Wednesday - November 20 @ 7:30pm @ Krannert Center; 500 S Goodwin, U—Greening the Arts | Chocolate Woman Dreams 
the Milky Way. In Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way, Toronto-based First Nations playwright and actor Monique
Mojica (Guna and Rappahannock) creates a powerful journey that layers the stories of a girl-soldier, a Daughter 
from the Stars, and Sky Woman Falling (First Woman) with retellings of cultural stories of the Grandmothers of 
Creation. Mojica, accompanied by her mother—Spider Woman Theater co-founder Gloria Miguel—weaves realities to 
create a daring, thought-provoking narrative of creation, conflict, and healing. Cost involved!!

Wednesday—November 20 @ 5 to 8pm @ Red Herring Vegetarian Restaurant; 1209 West Oregon St, U—Honoring Indigenous 
Peoples Community Supper. Join the Channing Murray Foundation, The Native American House, and the Red Herring 
Restaurant to honor our native elders and celebrate native peoples this November for Native American Heritage Month. 
Featuring vegan “thanksgiving” dinner (made with the three sisters: corn, squash, and beans), music, and an offering 
ceremony. Help us to reclaim “thanksgiving” in a way that honors indigenous peoples throughout the world. *The cost 
is $7 per plate.

Wednesday—November 20 @ 7:00pm @ 1027 Lincoln Hall—U of I alumna Christina Brodbeck, a tech industry entrepreneur 
and angel investor and Ellen Ellison, Chief Investment Officer at the U of I Foundation. An interactive Q&A for our 
students to learn how LAS degrees have supported the professional endeavors of both and glean tips on tailoring your 
own career path. Christina A. Brodbeck is a co-founder and managing partner of Rivet Ventures. Previously, she was a 
founding team member at YouTube, where she was the company's first UI Designer. While at YouTube, Brodbeck was the 
lead designer for YouTube Mobile. She is a passionate advocate for innovation in education, having launched YouTube 
EDU as her official side project at YouTube. Before YouTube, Brodbeck worked at MRL Ventures, NASA, and Keynote 
Systems. Most recently, she co-founded Pickvee, a startup focused on using technology to improve health and 
well-being. The company's first product, TheIceBreak, is an app and Web site that helps couples grow in their 
relationships. Brodbeck is a seasoned angel investor with investments in over 20 companies, and has mentored at 
various places including 500 Startups and The Designer Fund. She speaks globally on women in technology, design, i
nvesting and entrepreneurship. Brodbeck is originally from the Chicagoland area, and has a bachelor's degree from
 the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as a master's degree in Instructional Multimedia Design 
from San Francisco State University.
The University of Illinois Foundation named Ellen J. Ellison as its new chief investment officer in January 2013. 
is a seasoned investor with more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector and was the former executive 
director of investments at the University of Miami. In 2010, she was named one of the 10 Best University Endowment 
Managers by Business Insider. She has also served as the chief investment officer at J.I.K. Investment Services, Inc.
, a family office in Miami, Fla., and as a senior vice president at Fiduciary Trust Company International in both 
New York and Miami. Ellison holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Since arriving at UIF, Ellison has 
established a Chicago-based investment office on South Halsted Street and finalized the organization’s long-term 
asset allocation. As CIO, her first undertakings have been building out the infrastructure and investment policies 
for the Foundation, as well as portfolio management.

Thursday – November 21 @ 5:00 PM @ Latzer Hall, University YMCA, Cosmo/Y Thanksgiving Potluck All are welcome, 
bring a dish to share!

Thursday – November 21 @ 6:00 PM @ Parkland Art Gallery, Opening Reception: National Biennial Ceramic Invitational 
Parkland Art Gallery will host works by ceramic artists from across the U.S. during its "State of the Art 2013-2014:
National Biennial Ceramics Invitational" opening Monday, Nov. 18. Curated by artist Delores Fortuna, the exhibit will
run through Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. A reception will be held Thursday, Nov. 21, 6-8 p.m. in the gallery lounge that 
features a curatorial talk at 7 p.m., music by the Parkland Guitar Ensemble, and refreshments. Both the ceramics 
exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.

Other News and Information/Opportunities for YOU!
Alternative Spring Break spring trips are available now! Trips deal with a variety of social justice issues and 
environmental concerns and you're sure to find something that interests you! Visit http://www.illinoisasb.org to 
apply now! Email external@illinoisasb.org with any questions.
Peace Corps seeks applicants to fill program assignments around the world. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you will 
make a difference in the lives of others and your own by helping a community in need, gaining valuable cross-cultural 
skills, and becoming a citizen of the world. Apply by November 30, 2013, for the best opportunity to match your skills
to assignments open for summer and fall 2014.
New Student Programs: Are you an undergraduate student interested in meeting new students and helping them feel 
welcome to campus? The University of Illinois New Student Programs (NSP) and International Student and Scholar 
Services (ISSS) will select a group of 20-25 enthusiastic undergraduate students who will implement orientation 
programming for new international students. IOSLs are expected to be knowledgeable about the University of Illinois 
and have a desire to help first-year international students have a successful transition. Selection to the 
International Orientation Student Leader position is a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity for personal and 
professional growth. In the link below you will find the full job description and qualifications.  You may access 
and submit the application online here: https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/9668857.   Applications are due by November 
22 at 5 p.m.
Fred S. Bailey Scholarship – A University YMCA Program. The Fred S. Bailey Scholarship awards over $100,000 in 
financial aid to University of Illinois students who demonstrate a deep commitment to service and action. 
Begin applying NOVEMBER 7. For full details see this link: http://www.universityymca.org/bailey/

Dads Association Scholarship. The Dads Association will be awarding six scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each.  
All undergraduate students are invited to apply (graduate students are ineligible) and the deadline to submit an 
application is Friday, November 29.  For full details as well as the link to applications students can click the 
following link: http://illinois.edu/lb/article/349/78223.  If there are any questions students can contact the 
Illini Union Parent Programs Office at uofiparents@illinois.edu or 217-333-7063.
AAS Advisory Committee Opening. The Asian American Studies Department is currently looking for an undergraduate
representative for the AAS advisory committee. The committee meets once a semester to discuss the progress of all 
things relating to Asian American Studies: curriculum, course requirements for the minor, faculty projects (books, 
lectures, conferences), scholarships/awards offered by the department, and more. Great opportunity for those looking 
to gain a better understanding of how academic programs work behind the scenes and also those looking to build 
networks with faculty and administrators. If you are interested please contact Professor Augusto Espiritu at 

HDFS 499: LGBT Individuals, Families, and Communities—Examines contemporary sexual and gender minority experiences 
in the context of societal inequality. Of particular interest to students pursuing educational, human service, legal, 
and/or health profession careers. Meets 4-5:50 pm on Wednesdays in 108 Bevier Hall (graduate students also meet from 
5-5:50 pm on Thursdays). To enroll as an undergrad: CRN 58509; To enroll as a graduate student: CRN 58510. Here is 
the course catalog link for more information: 

December 5-6, 2013 @ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign—Hip Hop and Punk Feminisms: Genealogy, Theory, 
Since their controversial inceptions –controversial not just for their sound or aesthetic, but also in ongoing debates
about their origin stories— punk and hip-hop have received significant scholarly attention as objects of study. 
As insurgent and often incoherent sets of scenes emerging in the 1970s, and in the aftermath of multiple, devastating 
anti-imperial wars and a global economic restructuring, punk and hip-hop manifested all the contradictions of modernist
avant-garde movements – unsentimental and romantic, revolutionary and reactionary, a draw for queers and freaks and 
the worship of male genius.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Fifteenth Annual Women’s and Gender History Symposium/University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
February 27 - March 1, 2014, at the Illini Union in Urbana, Illinois with a Keynote Address by Professor Luise White,
 University of Florida. Where is the Love? Uncovering Love, Past and Present. The concept of love has historically 
cast a large shadow, influencing everyday lives, political processes and social structures. We invite all papers 
that help us conceptualize, historicize, and complicate the themes of love and affective relations, across all 
time periods (ancient, medieval, and modern), while grounding their analysis in the category of gender and/or 
the experiences of women. We are looking for papers that consider love in a wide variety of contexts from different 
parts of the world. Contexts could include familial/filial love, romantic love, queer love, multiracial/inter-
communal love, spiritual love and dysfunctional love. The entanglements of love with religion, the nation, 
comradeship, migration, ideas, and objects are also open for investigation. We also warmly welcome proposals 
considering the topic of affective studies and methodology, with regard to problems of evidence, archives and 
historical repression. The experience of love, the desire for intimacy, as well as the willingness to act on 
affection, have shaped peoples’ interpretations of their world. In the recent past, discourses of coloniality 
have also reproduced love as the counterfoil to reason and rationality. However, what exactly “love” is—and exactly 
how historians and other scholars can study it—remains an open question, which we are interested in exploring further.
This conference will reconsider love in all its complex forms, and its multiple historical and geographical iterations.
While we do not have a specific spatial focus, we strongly encourage submissions focusing on Non-Western and 
Indigenous areas, or on pre-modern periods, along with those that employ inter-disciplinary approaches and tools. 
The keynote address for this year’s symposium will be delivered by Professor Luise White from the Department of 
History at the University of Florida. A leading scholar of African history, White’s work has contributed to the 
gendering of labor migration and urbanization. She has also contributed significantly to methodology in the study of 
the African past, addressing issues concerning oral history and the use of rumor as evidence. White’s 1990 monograph,
Comforts of Home: Prostitution in Colonial Nairobi, won the prestigious Melville J. Herskovits Award in African 
studies. All graduate students interested in presenting at the conference should send their 300-500 word abstracts 
togendersymp@gmail.com by November 15, 2013. Applicants will be notified by December about whether their paper has 
been accepted. We look forward to receiving your abstracts!

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