Womyn's music and music by women

Charlie Murphy “Burning Times” from The Best Of Pagan Song
Cathy Winter “The Heretic Heart” from Breath On My Fire / Traveling Home Kate Bush “Waking the Witch” from Hounds of Love
Kate Bush “Jig of Life” from Hounds of Love
Unknown “Susannah Martin” from unknown ALBUM (Maggie Sansone “Samhain Set: All Hallow’s Eve / The Seeker” from A Traveler’s Dream – Celtic Explorations Claudia Schmidt “VAMPIRE” from Midwestern Heart1:30pm
Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon (Live)” from The Dance Witches In Bikinis
Paula Brisker “Wiccan’s Dance” from Narrow Road
Julie Brown “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun” from Trapped In the Body of a White Girl ]
SJ Tucker “Witches Rune” from Blessings ]
Faun “Rhiannon” from Renaissance (Pagan Medieval Folk) ]
Laura Powers “Samhain Madrigal” from Legends of the Goddess ]
SJ Tucker “Come to the Labyrinth” from Blessings
Magnet “Fire Leap” from The Wicker Man
Cocteau Twins “The Hollow Men” from garlands
Sinéad O’Connor “Brigidine Diana” from She Who Dwells…
Loreena McKennitt “All Souls Night (NFTA Live)” from Nights from the Alhambra
Kiva “Battle Of Evermore” from Out of the Corner of the Eye
Donna Ulisse “In the Good Old Days When Times Were Bad” from Showin’ My Roots
Alecia Nugent “Hillbilly Goddess”
Judy Reagan “Hollywood Haircut” from Old Friends
Audra Mae “Happiest Lamb”
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts “DIFFERENT” from Unvarnished
Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs “GIRL”
Patty Griffin “Mother Of God” from Silver Bell
Sheryl Crow “Waterproof Mascara” from Feels Like Home
LeAnn Rimes “Just a Girl Like You” from Spitfire
The Preatures “Is This How You Feel?” from Is This How You Feel
Court Yard Hounds “Rock All Night” from Amelita
10,000 Maniacs “Peace Train” from In My Tribe
Salyu “Gruid” from Merkmal
Ulali “MOTHER” from Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women
Emam & Friends “Desert Moon Live” from Voices of the Goddess ]
Waning Moon “Hecate, Goddess of Witches” from Hecate, Goddess of Witches – Single]
Victoria Parks “Song for Samhain” from Wild English Rose ]Joy Tinniswood “Samhain Eve” from Spirit of Albion ]
Kaye Lande “Witches Stew” from Halloween ]
Kristin Lems “The Witches Song” from Equality Road ]
Kristen Lawrence “Souling Song (Samhain Version) [Radio Edit]” from Vampire Empire – Radio Edits from the Halloween Carols ]
Heather Alexander “Samhain” from Life’s Flame
Lisa Thiel “Samhain” from Circle of the Seasons
Kristina Stykos “Raven, Raven” from Raven
Laura Smith “Horses and Plough” from Everything Is Moving
Disappear Fear “Princess and the Honey Bee” from Broken Film
Disappear Fear “Perfect Shade (Blue)” from Broken Film
Nolwenn Leroy “MOONLIGHT SHADOW” from Nolwenn
Della Mae “Maybeline” from This World Oft Can Be
Robin Greenstein “West Coast Swing” from Acousticness
Sara Hickman “Trouble with Boxes” from Shine
Claudia Schmidt “Black Crow” from Bend In the River
Caroline Doctorow “My Sunday House” from Little Lovin’ Darling
Christa Wells “SHINE” from Feed Your Soul


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