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From Ms.: Feeling Thorny….

Ran across this this morning and it made me feel good….

Feeling Thorny: Or, 10 Reasons Why I Love Women’s Pro Soccer And You Should, Too

September 4, 2013 by  | 18 Comments

Image 2I never thought I’d be the kind of person to greet a sports team at an airport dressed in red and holding a sign, but it appears I am. There I was at Portland International Airport September 1 with a crowd of hundreds of cheering, singing, red-clothes-wearing fans towelcome home the Portland Thorns, champions of the National Women’s Soccer League, who defeated the Western New York Flash. I love our Portland Thorns, and I love the new National Women’s Soccer League(NWSL). You should, too, and here’s why.

1. A Stadium Full of People Cheers for Women. The Thorns play at JELD-WEN Field, the same arena where the Portland Timbersmen’s soccer team plays. Starting with the Thorn’s home opener on April 21, records were set—attendance reached as high as 16,479, the largest crowd for any NWSL game. I never heard that many people rooting for women. Strong women. Bad-ass athletic women. Teammates. The sound made me cry.  I know the crowd is cheering for the incredibly talented women on the field, but somehow it feels like they are cheering for all women. To root for strong women in a patriarchal culture, to root for people who endure pain and frustration and support each other’s diverse talents, to root for women who come in different shapes and sizes and sexualities and ethnicities is to root for something more than sport. We’re rooting for women who experience sexism at work. For queer women. For women writers and priests and politicians and professors and CEOs. For mothers and daughters and sisters. For survivors. We’re used to seeing women cheering for men, but not so used to a stadium full of people shouting in support of women. We should do it more often.

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You can find Women’s Fighting Illini schedules here.

You can find Women’s Cobra schedules for the Parkland Women’s athletic department here.

If you want to announce any women’s  events, athletic or otherwise, send us an email at wmwweft@gmail.com or psa@weft.org.



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