Womyn's music and music by women

RealWomen RealSongs is a facebook group with fantastic music. They also have a youtube channel.

This page serves as home to 14 women. They are all songwriters and all committed to writing between 26-52 songs this year.

Each week the women will be given a prompt to write their songs from. And on their specific day of the week, they will post their newly written, untweaked songs RIGHT HERE for your listening pleasure.

We hope that you will follow their journey: the ups and downs, the writer’s block, the grand successes when they get it right. AND we hope that in in watching them take risks and being vulnerable with their dreams, YOU will become inspired to create something of your own, be it a song, a painting, that book you’ve been dying to write…the possibilities are endless!

And if you’re really brave, we’ll be posting the weekly song prompts here, in time for you to write your OWN songs. Maybe a few will even end up on this page for all to see!

Be sure to spread the word!!

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Week 43


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