Womyn's music and music by women

Zoe Mulford, When the Coffee’s All Gone, Coyote Wings, Azalea City Recordings
Rachael Cardiello, Winter Blues,Warm  Electric Winter, Rachael Cardiello
New Day Dawn, Whatever It Takes, Rise Above This, Botti Parts Music
Moxi, Terror in Disguise, In My Dreams, Catbeach Music
Melissa Greener (featuring Nuala Kennedy), That’s What Makes You Strong, Transistor Corazon,

Mary Gauthier, Karla Faye, Live at Blue Rock, In the Black
Mara Levine, April Come She Will, Jewels and Harmony, Mara’s Creations
Julia Massey & The Five Finger Discount, Five Letters from Far Away, Five Letters from Far Away,

Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount
Hannalee, Born Again Tonight, Brassica, HearthPR
Emy Tseng, Helianthelia (Little Sunflower), Sonho, Mei Music
Emy Tseng, California Dreamin’ ,Sonho, Mei Music
Sandy Andina, The Ballad of Ruby, Nosh, Essay Records
Elaine Mahon, Rise Up Singing, Rise, elainemahonmusic
Dyanne Harvey, Not Broken, Bottle of Wine,Edyn Records
Dyanne Harvey, Jokers and Kings, Bottle of Wine, Edyn Records
Karine Polwart, Rivers Run,Threshold,W2/Borealis
Cheryl Wheeler, Rollin’ Along, Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler Live, Dias Records
Carrie Wicks, No Pollyanna, Barely There,OA2 Records
The Capsules, The Heartbreaker, Northern Lights and Southern Skies, Clermont
The Burns Sisters, Working On A Building, The Hills of Ithaca, Sisters
Talis Kimberley, Belling the Cat, Songs of Common Ground, Marchwood Media
Cecily Kate Horner, It’s Alright With Me, Standards, Cecily Kate
Brandi Carlile, Folsom Prison Blues, We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash,

Donna Ulisse, I See the Light of the World, All the Way to Bethlehem, Hadley Music Group
Bex Marshall, Tough Times, House of Mercy, House of Mercy Records
Joan Armatrading, Goddess of Change, This Charming Life,429
Carole King, So Far Away, Tapestry, Epic
Pat Flynn, This Heart of Mine, Acoustic Rainbow #29 (v/a), Acoustic Rainbow
Laurie Locke; Charlie King, Simple Woman Blues, Acoustic Rainbow #29 (v/a), Acoustic Rainbow
Corey Creed, Dance With Your Sacred Body, Small Braveries, Azalea City Recordings
Nanci Griffith, There’s a Light Beyond These Woods, There’s A Light Beyond These Woods (P) 1986,

Best Coast, Rhiannon, Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac, Hear Music/Concord
Joni Mitchell, The Circle Game, Ladies Of The Canyon, Reprise
Joni Mitchell, Court and Spark, Court And Spark, Electra-Asylum Records
Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now, Hits, Reprise
Deidre McCalla, Would You Like to Dance, With a Little Luck, Olivia
Suzzy & Maggie Roche, For Those Whose Work Is Invisible, Why The Long Face, Red House
Seanan McGuire, Ghost of Lilly Kane, Wicked Girls, CDBaby
Seanan McGuire, Mama Said, Wicked Girls, CDBaby
Sally Barris, You and I Could Never Be Friends, Wilder Girls, Sally Barris
Amy Ray,Glow,Selector Series,SxSW Sampler 2012
Amy Lee,I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,We Walk The Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash,Sony-Legacy
Talis Kimberley,Spoon,Songs of Common Ground,Marchwood Media
Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy,Too Old To Die Young,Adieu False Heart,Vanguard
Talis Kimberley,Belling the Cat,Songs of Common Ground,Marchwood Media
Bethel Steele,Seasons,Of Love and Whiskey,Bethel Steele Music
Janet Jackson,Son of a Gun (I’ll Bet..),All For You (Live),Virgin
Lisa Biales,Where the Buckwheat Blooms,Acoustic Rainbow #29 (v/a),Acoustic Rainbow
Shelley Morningsong,Sweet Protector,Acoustic Rainbow #29 (v/a),Touch and Go
Jeanne B!,Mama’s Love,Acoustic Rainbow #29 (v/a),Acoustic Rainbow
Brittany Allyn,Money in the Bank,Acoustic Rainbow #29 (v/a),Acoustic Rainbow
Jonatha Brooke,Nothing Sacred,3 Song Sampler,Bad Dog Records
Margie Adam,Women Who Dare,Another Place,Pleiades
Margie Adam,My Mind is Out to Get Me,Another Place,Pleiades
Betty and the Boy,Babel,Good Luck,Betty and the Boy
Cris Williamson,Circle of Friends,Live In Concert: Circle Of Friends,Wolf Moon Records
Cris Williamson,Waterfall,Live in Concert: Circle of Friends,Wolf Moon Records
Cris Williamson,If It Weren’t for the Music,Live In Concert: Circle Of Friends,Wolf Moon Records


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