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Jill Sobule and TED

Jill Sobule is a big fan of TED and I am a big fan of Jill Sobule (who kissed a girl before Katy Perry ever thought about it.) I just posted about the most recent TED event (see yesterday’s post from WMW for more on that):

I have been going TED since 2000, back before you could watch TED talks on Delta, and back when it was in under one roof in Monterey. I always wait for that call or email that says, “Jill, we would love you to come back this year.” I sing for my supper.

Over the last 6 years, I have gone to TEDactive -the less fancy, cheaper, but way more fun and looser TED that takes place in Palm Springs. I performed the song “Palm Springs” the first year, and again this week for a few of the attendees this week by the campfire. Folks were asking me where they could “buy” the song. So, here is the song. In short, I wrote it about trying to end my writer’s block by emulating what some of my favorite singer -songwriters did during the seventies – drop out for a week, go to the desert, and take psychedelics. I did it minus the mushrooms, which was probably my problem.

This is what I came up with.:

Just so happens that I saw a thing just in passing saying that there is going to be a online TEDx event at UIUC on April 7 and, since the deadline to apply was today, I tracked down the online application. We’ll see what happens.


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