Womyn's music and music by women

song artist album
Thanksgiving Eve Mary Ellen Wessels Current Obsessions 2003
Thanksgiving Song Dani McHenry It’s in you 2010
Born Again Keri Noble Keri Noble 2009
Blessing Song Barb Barton Turtle Dove 2009
Moment of Grace Sara Hickman Spirtual Appliances 2000
The Greatest Ones Alive Sarah MacDougall The Greatest Ones Alive 2011
After You Move On Sarah Swanson Dark Sunshine 2009
Blessing Sarah Wilson Trapeze Project 2010
Let the Waves Come in Threes Anna Dagmar Let the Waves Comes in Threes 2009
Falling Star Anna Dagmar Satellite 2012
Holy Now Anne Hills Points Of View 2009
One Planet At A Time Annie Dinerman Broken Cookies 2009
The Butterfly Effect Audrey Auld Mezera Music With The Dirt Left On 2008
Take Some Fire Beth Patterson Take Some Fire 2002
Sunrise Bethel Steele Of Love And Whiskey 2012
Rolling Down the Hills Carly Simon Carly Simon 1971
Woman’s Blues Laura Nyro Eli and the Thirteenth Confession 1968
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right Joan Baez The First 10 Years 1970
Stone For Bessie Smith Dory Previn Mythical Kings & Iguanas/Reflections In A Mud Puddle 2002
Cracked and Broken Diana Jones A Better Time Will Come
Who knows where the time goes by Eva Cassidy Cassidy: Imagine 2002
Lifetime Of Song Heather Alexander Everafter 2006
Rock Spirits February Sky Time-Honored Pathways 2011
Forestwalk Jen Midkiff All In Good Time 2011
Never Easy, Never Free Jenai Huff Transitions 2011
HEART WOUNDS McCarthy & Legge Tickets To The Moon 2011
Love Is A Battlefield Raining Jane The Good Match 2011
Spiral Sky Crystal Bright And The Silver Hands Muses And Bones 2012
Racing With The Sun Ella Jenkins Indivisible 2012
I Believe Etta Britt Out Of The Shadows 2012
Cards And Letters Folkstar Emotional Bootcamp 2012
Coyote Bones Gigi Love Sweet Relief 2012
Saint Francis Gretchen Peters Hello Cruel World 2012
Best Of Intentions The Hard Road Trio Monticello 2012
Born To Win (Part One) Hurray For The Riff Raff Look Out Mama 2012
Earth’s Heart Beats Jana Herzen Passion Of A Lonely Heart 2012
The Tiny Mouse Janis Ian Harbour of Songs 2012
Five Things To Do Today Jean Synodinos Girls, Good & Otherwise 2012

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