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“She’s pretty good for a girl”: sexism against women musicians

by Holly Combe // 8 October 2012, 22:00

Close up of feminist badges, including small blue Ladyfest London, medium sized pink Subtext, small black

The Edinburgh Anarcha Feminist Kollective has recently announced the launch of a project to raise awareness of sexism experienced by female musicians. She’s Pretty Good For a Girl is ongoing and includes a website and zine. It grew out of a reading group discussion and its purpose is to use accounts from female-identified musicians to highlight the sexism they often experience:

When I started getting a little better, people would say, ‘you play guitar like a man’. I got that comment recently at a session here (in Edinburgh). I said ‘so do you play guitar better than Bonnie Raitt?’ (meaning that all men must play guitar better than all women). He was laughing, and he said ‘she plays guitar like a man too’. I said ‘I play guitar like a woman who plays guitar well’.” (Interview with Lake Montgomery, 1 October 2012)

Check it out…


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