Womyn's music and music by women

What does it take to become an airshifter for WEFT?
Current WEFT membership, 4 training sessions and a
whole bunch of enthusiasm!
No experience is necessary.
Upcoming classroom trainings will be held on
Saturday, October 6 and Friday, October 12
(both required)
You must submit an application form by Monday, Oct 1
(on the reverse side of this flyer), available at WEFT,
133 N. Market St. in Champaign OR
by email at airshiftertraining@weft.org.
For more information, call Vicki at 217-778-1664
Training are offered only three times a year,
so don’t miss out.
Not a member? Go to http://www.weft.org and join online!
WEFT Airshifter Orientation Training Application
Please type or print clearly (especially your email address!)
Name________________________________________________ Primary email ____________________________________
Permanent Address, City, State ___________________________________________________________________________
Local Address, City, State ______________________________________________________________________________
Local phone______________________________ Cell______________________________________________
Work phone______________________________ Secondary email____________________________________
What is the best way to get in touch with you?____________________________________________________
Why do you want to participate in WEFT airshifter training? (check all that apply)
Host a music show Host a public affairs show Host pre-recorded programming
Assist other airshifters Substitute airshifter Learn about community radio
Want to get more involved Other____________________________________________________
In general, what types of music and/or public affairs are you thinking about broadcasting? _________________
What times of the week are you usually available for training, volunteering and/or airshifting? Check all that apply.
Weekends Weekday mornings (6-11:30am)
Weekday afternoons (11:30am-6pm) Weekday evenings (6pm-12am)
Overnights (2-6 am)
Submitting an AOT application does not guarantee acceptance into the AOT program, nor does it guarantee a show slot. Submit completed applications online to airshiftertraining@weft.org or by mail to WEFT, attn: Vicki Niswander, 113 N. Market St., Champaign, IL 61820.
This section to be completed by trainers only
Received date_____________________
AOT Session 1 Date _____________ Trainer __________________AOT Session 2 Date____________ Trainer_________________
IST Session 1 Date _____________ Trainer___________________1ST Session 2 Date ___________Trainer__________________

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