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WEFT and Crisis Nursery

Crisis Nursery logo

WEFT 90.1FM is teaming up with Crisis Nursery for a summer on air radio fundraising campaign through Labor Day.

WEFT has partnered with Eastern Illinois Foodbank over the last four years, and is expanding to include other community groups. For every $10 donated to WEFT, the station will contribute $1.00 to Crisis Nursery.

Donations to the station support WEFT’s daily programming and operational services, the acquisition and maintenance of their broadcast equipment, paying utilities, supporting a small staff, purchasing supplies, and more.

For nearly 30 years, Crisis Nursery has offered 24/7 emergency-based child care and family support for children and families during a crisis.  Crisis Nursery offers safe shelter for children through age 6, family support and parenting education with no fees or eligibility requirements.

In 2011, Crisis Nursery’s Safe Children program provided nearly 28,000 hours of crisis care and served 561 children.  The Strong Families program conducted 920 home visits for 115 families.

Make your generous contribution today online at weft.org or mail to:

PO Box 1223
Champaign, IL  61824-1223

Thank you for all you do for your community!


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