Womyn's music and music by women

Song Artist Album Label date
Sign in, Dream On, Drop Out! Poppy & The Jezebels Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out! – EP Gumball Machine 2012
Where Is Bobbie Gentry? Jill Sobule California Years R.E.D. Distribution 2009
God Only Knows Bonnie Raitt Slipstream Redwing Records, LLC 2012
How The Story Ends Rie Sinclair Bee Sides I Miss Your Records 2012
Moon Rock Needle Jesca Hoop The House That Jack Built Bella Union 2012
Settle Down No Doubt Settle Down – Single Interscope Records 2012
Million Miles Bonnie Raitt Slipstream Redwing Records, LLC 2012
Never Be Her Amber E. Ojeda Space.Bar.Love Soundcloud Self published 2012
Destiny Stevie Nicks Street Angel Atlantic 1994
Destiny Heather Alexander Insh’allah – The Music Of Lion’s Blood Seafire Productions 2002
Strength For Two(w/Emily Saliers) Michelle Malone Home Grown SBS Records 1999
I Will Not Be Broken Mae Robertson With Cally Robertson In White Light – Mothers, Daughters, Strength And Love Self published 2008
My Sister Who Sings Michelle McAfee Up In The Air Awake Now records 2011
Singing With The Wind Melissa Ferrick Still Right Here MPress Records 2011
I’ll Stop My Whining Leyla Fences Itty Bitty Twang Twang Leyla Fences 2012
Across the Universe Fiona Apple Pleasantville (Music from the Motion Picture) Sony 1998
We the People South Side Cindy State of Mind Sour Wine Records 2012
Move On Kathryn Hallberg Nocturnal [EP] Real Life, Real Music 2012
Keep On Moving Anna Dagmar Satellite Indie 2012
The Love You Fake Nanna Larsen Not The Perfect Girl Dmf 2010
Parachute Heart Grace Potter & The Nocturnals The Lion The Beast The Beat Hollywood Records 2012
Macroids Elly Wininger Back Eddy Blues CDBY 2007
Housewife From Hell Elly Wininger Back Eddy Blues CDBY 2007
A Room Of Your Own Jess Klein Behind A Veil Motherlode 2012
Daytime Fireflies Emily Hurd Daytime Fireflies Emily Hurd 2010
Another Day On Earth Catie Curtis Stretch Limousine On Fire Compass 2011
Camille Gretchen Peters Hello Cruel World Scarlet Letter Records 2012
Make It Fast Etta Britt Out Of The Shadows Wrinkled Records 2012
Black Grace Melody Walker Gold Rush Goddess Melody Walker Music 2011
Lani Mori Bonnie Koloc With You On My Side Flying Fish 1987
The Youngest Daughter Fairport Convention Jewel In The Crown Talking Elephant Records 2005

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