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I haven’t been a big fan of Cosmo lately, but I read it faithfully for years (starting in high school).  Helen  Gurley Brown was a champion.

MONDAY, AUG 13, 2012 04:04 PM CDT

Helen Gurley Brown: A life in links

The publishing icon died today



Helen Gurley Brown: A life in links

Helen Gurley Brown, a writer, editor and champion for sexual freedom and empowerment, died today at age 90. In a statement, theHearst Corporation, where she worked as editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, said, “Life here will somehow not seem the same without her near-daily arrival at 300 West 57th Street.” Brown came to New York from Green Forest, Ark. She wrote the groundbreaking bestseller “Sex and the Single Girl” in 1962, and by 1965 she had become editor of Cosmopolitan.

See the rest of the obituary here

Edited to add Syreeta’s take on HGB from Feministing

Being a modern woman in America means that we’re constantly negotiating with our bodies in relationship with men, women, the mirror, fixed culture morays and norms about our bodies, clothing… you get the picture. Even in this strange-weird and unfortunate political climate where more than 40 years after Brown took the helm of Cosmo to inform the male world that perhaps we too have an appetite beyond the perfect graham cracker crust for key lime pies (admittedly might make one think of an orgasm, but obviously, still pales to the actual thing) we’re still fighting for our right to protect what happens in our vagina, let along say ‘vagina’.

Yeah, our work is never finished.


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