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I was running through my RSS feed and this post caught my eye. WEFT doesn’t use a lot of canned programming, but we do use some. While most of our stuff comes off the ENCO feed, I think we are looking at upgrading. I don’t know what kind of program we are going to be upgrading to yet as there are a few options to choose from, but there are lots of interesting programs out there thanks, in part, to the boom in podcasting as noted below. The article starts with the quote below and it makes a great jumping off point for anyone interested in programming at the public or community radio level.


Podcasters are to radio what bloggers are to newspapers: independent voices taking attention away from mainstream media. At least that was the theory, when professional podcasts and blogs were getting started in the 2000s. But unlike blogs, podcasts by indie voices have not gone on to seriously challenge the mainstream media incumbents. Where is the Ariana Huffington of podcasting? Can you name a political podcaster who’s had the same impact as Josh Marshall and hisTalking Points Memo blog? Sadly, there are no podcasting stars – and it’s all radio’s fault.


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