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Loquacious, in her  third Words on Women post from her Worlds of Wonder blog, continues the discussion about why it is inappropriate for men to decide what is offensive to women.

I suggest that you read her post from last week, including the comments, and her post from this week.

She says:

Based on the phenomenal response my post last week got, I thought I’d address an aspect of my underlying argument differently. I’d like to try to look at this in a more objective and dispassionate way.

My original premise was that men – by virtue of being men – don’t have the authority or privilege of deciding what women view as sexist, misogynistic, or otherwise problematic.  My general basis for this argument is that men are not affected or impacted by items, situations or actions that could be perceived as sexist, misogynistic or problematic in the same way that women are.

I’ll accept the proposed suggestion that there are guys that value women and their struggles in modern society, and specifically gaming. I’ll go along with the idea that there are men that are interested in battling injustices, who want to voice their opposition to those items, situations and actions. I don’t disagree that there is a corps of men who believe as strongly as I do that wrong is wrong.

There comes a time when the folks deciding what is wrong (and to some extent, WHY) is a pretty important part of any discussion. Maybe this flies in the face of your worldview- that “wrong is wrong”, and that’s all there is to it. Perhaps the concept that who says an item, situation or action is wrong makes no difference to you; as long as someone is speaking out, it’s a good thing (to you).

I’ll attempt to explain as clearly as I can (with examples) why this doesn’t work FOR ME.

All I can say is, I am fascinated by the way this woman’s mind works and I am very interested in seeing where her thoughts take her.







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