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Summer Bluegrass for WEFT

by stationmanager

WEFT 90.1FM  Presents an Evening With

  • Live @ The Rose Bowl Tavern
  • Downtown Urbana
  • Friday, June 22nd, at 7PM
  • Come on out and support WEFT with our summer bluegrass benefit concert!
  • WEFT is supported by grants from the Illinois Arts Council and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Black Ridge Road is an acoustic bluegrass band formed in early 2011 featuring Doug Buchanan, Mike Kleiss, Melissa Treatch, Roy Brittin.

The Corn Desert Ramblers are an acoustic band out of Champaign-Urbana featuring Dan Andree – Fiddle, Dustin Norder – Mandolin, Sam Payne – Guitar, Lee Roberts – Bass, Dave Soucek – banjo, Bob Watson – Dobro. Their inspiration stems from the fathers of Bluegrass (Bill, Earl, Lester, Ralph…) as well as a plethora of other creative acoustic artists (Tim O’Brien, John Hartford, Doc Watson, Sam Bush…) and everything in between. The group launches from the traditional Bluegrass repertoire, expanding into the realms of gypsy jazz, blues, and “newgrass” soundscapes. Playing all around the Champaign/Urbana area and into the greater midwest, The Corn Desert Ramblers are a rousing “Traditional Newgrass” band pickin’ and grinnin’ the only way they know how–Chambana style.

Videos of the Corn Desert Ramblers

The Prairie Dogs play music from bluegrass, to country, to western swing, and more with Jordan Kaye, Ken Holmes, and Josh Houchin.

Videos of The Prairie Dogs


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