Womyn's music and music by women

Sinéad O’Connor “VIP” from How About I Be Me (And You Be You)? CD ALBUM (One Little Indian 2012) N Buy it!
Kellie Pickler “Tough” from 100 Proof
Sj Tucker “Bad Apple Lament” from Tangles
Bella Hardy “Written In Green” from Songs Lost & Stolen
Emily Smith “Fair Helen of Kirkconnel” from A Day Like Today
Jackie Oates “Crockery Ware” from Violet Hour
Tracy Chapman “SING FOR YOU” from Our Bright Future CD ALBUM
Cris Williamson & Teresa Trull “Country Blessed”
Lucy Billings “My Caballo” from No Other Road
Mimi Noland “The Hawk” from self released
Emily Otnes “WALTZ” from Against the Wind CD EP
Mimi Noland-Pentagram Moon from self released
Shotgun Wedding “Mondays and Twisters” from Shotgun Wedding
Ellen Cherry “1912 Violet Swims But the Ship Sinks” from (New) Years
Melissa Etheridge “All The Way To Heaven” from Your Little Secret
Joni Mitchell “Ladies of the Canyon” from Ladies Of The Canyon
Lorraine Feather “Off The Grid Girl” from Tales Of The Unusual
Laura Wetzler “The Arbor” from Flying
Jackie Morris “We’re Not Lost” from Tell Me A Story
LeAnn Rimes “A Good Hearted Woman” from Lady & Gentlemen
Audra Mae and The Almighty Sound “Annie Get Your Gun” from Audra Mae and The Mighty Sound
Janis Ian “God & the FBI” from The Essential Janis Ian
Brenda Kahn “SWEET MARIE” from Goldfish Don’t Talk Back
Ani DiFranco “Cradle And All” from Canon
Mariel Vandersteel “Norafjolls” from Hickory
Sueann “Blues in My Sunshine” from Blues In My Sunshine
Ms. Jody “I Did It” from Ms. Jody’s In The House (feat. David Brinston)
Esperanza Spalding “Let Her” from Radio Music Society
Shaun Murphy “Gonna Buy Me a Mule (Live)” from Live at Callahan’s Music Hall
Betty Wright “Go! (Live from Showcase Live, Foxboro, MA/2010) [Bonus Track]” from Betty Wright – The Movie
Teresa Trull “Woman Loving Women” from Lesbian Concentrate (Olivia 1977)
Judy Grahn “A History of Lesbianism” from Lesbian Concentrate
Sue Fink “Leaping Lesbians” from Lesbian Concentrate
Mary Watkins “No Hiding Place” from Lesbian Concentrate
Cathy Winter “The Heretic Heart” from Breath On My Fire / Traveling Home
Alix Dobkin “Amazon ABC” from Love & Politics, A 30 Year Saga
Holly Near “Simply Love” from Simply Love (Disc 2)
Holly Near “WONDERFUL” from Simply Love (Disc 2)
Jenn Cleary “My Favorite Place” from Back to the Wheel
Kate Campbell “New South” from Two Nights In Texas C
Indigo Girls “Share The Moon” from Beauty Queen Sister (Bonus Track Version)
Sinéad O’Connor “4th and Vine” from How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
Mae Moore “Red Clay Hills” from It’s A Funny World (Paras Recording 2002)Buy it!


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