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Since I live with an 11 year old female Magic Player and a 50+ year old female Magic player and my granddaughter is 15 and a female Magic player I was very interested to see this article from the Mary Sue.  Sounds like Jackie Lee is going to be an excellent role model for girl gamers.  Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast are to be commended and I am now definitely a fan of Jackie Lee.

Magic: The Gathering Tournament Participants Not Immune To Sexism

from The Mary Sue by Jill Pantozzi

Jackie Lee recently competed in Wizards of the Coast sponsored, Magic: The Gathering Baltimore Grand Prix. She faired well in her matches, making it to the semifinal round, but ran into a huge problem once she got there. The livestreamed semifinals led to anonymous insults being thrown at her, simply for being a woman. Not that it would make a difference but no, these weren’t comments from her opponents, just random viewers of the match.

Unfortunately sexism in video games, or any gaming for that matter, is becoming a far too familiar story (see our related links). Magic is the collectible trading card game that took off in popularity when it was introduced in 1993. According to Hasbro, it’s still played by 12 million people and tournaments are held regularly, whether they be friendly or competitive.

Read the rest of the article here


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