Womyn's music and music by women

Rosemary Clooney “My Choc’Late Rabbit” from Novelty & Childrens Songs
SJ Tucker “April Fools Day” from Blessings
Judy Garland “EASTER PARADE” from The Best of Judy Garland Volume 1
Karen Johns & Company “Meglio Stasera (It Had Better Be Tonight)” from PEACH
Laura Love “You Ain’t Got No Easter Clothes”
Stevie Nicks “Sara” from The Soundstage Sessions
Kathy Hussey “Sing My Memory” from Moments Of Wonder
Blossom Dearie “A Fine Spring Morning” from Blossom Dearie
Yasmin Levy “HALLELUJAH” from Sentir CD ALBUM
Mocedades “Eres Tu” (Serdisco 2003)
Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert “When I’m Not Near The Girl I Love” from Lifeline Extended
Maddy Prior “The Fabled Hare (Live)” from Collections – A Very Best Of 1995 To 2005
Audra Mae “The Happiest Lamb”
Melissa Etheridge “All The Way To Heaven” from Your Little Secret
Eliza Gilkyson “Belle Of The Ball” from Roses at the End of Time
Ellen Cherry “1864 a Civil War Bride” from (New) Years
Mariel Vandersteel “Sitting on the ridge” from Hickory CD ALBUM
Emily Smith “Molly Lovely Molly” from A Day Like Today
Kate Campbell “Crazy In Alabama” from Two Nights in Texas
Emily Otnes “AGAINST THE WIND” from Against the Wind CD
Gumi “Catch You Catch Me” from Cardcaptor Sakura Volume 1
Noriko Matsueda & Takahito Eguchi “Real Emotion (FFX-2 Mix)” from FINAL FANTASY X-2
Judy Collins “Wings Of Angels” from Bohemian
Lorraine Feather “To Live Another Day” from Tales Of The Unusual
Jane Siberry “Goodbye Sweet Pumpkinhead” from Love Is Everything
Indigo Girls “Feed and Water the Horses” from Beauty Queen Sister (Bonus Track Version)
Mary Chapin Carpenter “4 June 1989” from The Age Of Miracles
Sueann “Big Boss Lady” from Blues Is My Sunshine
Lydia Loveless “How Many Women” from Indestructable Machine
Mary Flower “The Devil’s Punchbowl” from Misery Loves Company
Shelby Lynne “The Thief” from Revelation Road
The Sundays “Here’s Where the Story Ends” from Reading, Writing & Arithmetic (Geffen 1990)Buy it!


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