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Food Drive 2012

WEFT 90.1 FM has begun our 4th Annual Radio Food Drive in collaboration with the Eastern Illinois Foodbank .

Donations can be made online at weft.org or by sending in your contributions to:

PO Box 1223
Champaign, IL  61824-1223.
For every $10 donated to the community radio station, WEFT will donate $1 to the Foodbank, which in turn will allow the Foodbank to purchase up to $10 worth of food for families in need through its network of wholesale food distributors.

As the Foodbank points out, many of their 46,000 monthly clients in a 14-county region find themselves having to make choices between paying for food, housing, medication or fuel.  The reality is that those in need are our friends, relatives, neighbors or may even be us.  It’s a difficult time and we hope that those who can afford to give during this Radio Food Drive will do so, while helping to support community radio in East Central Illinois.

Look to the Faces of Hunger Page  and check out the Foodbank’s facebook page .

Listen and watch for more information on WEFT’s Radio Food Drive on air, in our upcoming newsletter updates, and on WEFT’s facebook link located on our website.


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