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Food Drive 2012

WEFT 90.1 FM has begun our 4th Annual Radio Food Drive in collaboration with the Eastern Illinois Foodbank .

Donations can be made online at weft.org or by sending in your contributions to:

PO Box 1223
Champaign, IL  61824-1223.
For every $10 donated to the community radio station, WEFT will donate $1 to the Foodbank, which in turn will allow the Foodbank to purchase up to $10 worth of food for families in need through its network of wholesale food distributors.

As the Foodbank points out, many of their 46,000 monthly clients in a 14-county region find themselves having to make choices between paying for food, housing, medication or fuel.  The reality is that those in need are our friends, relatives, neighbors or may even be us.  It’s a difficult time and we hope that those who can afford to give during this Radio Food Drive will do so, while helping to support community radio in East Central Illinois.

Look to the Faces of Hunger Page  and check out the Foodbank’s facebook page .

Listen and watch for more information on WEFT’s Radio Food Drive on air, in our upcoming newsletter updates, and on WEFT’s facebook link located on our website.

Men Who Hate Women

posted with permission from Moriah Jovan

Men who hate women

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Dude and I went to see this movie for his birthday. I haven’t been interested in reading the books because a) I’m not a thriller/mystery fan and b) haven’t had time to devote to sampling genres I’m not usually interested in. I’m still not interested in reading the books, because I either read the book or see the movie, but not both. (I got burned in the Bonfire of the Vanities.) I am interested in seeing the Swedish version.

mraynes at Exponent II has an excellent post up about the exposition of misogyny in the book/movie.

Ironically, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo phenomenon is a prime example of how our society hides from the culture of violence against women. In the original Swedish version, Stieg Larsson titled the book “Man som hatar kvinnor” or “Men who hate women.” Believing that such a title would turn readers off, American publishers renamed the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, changing the emphasis away from violent misogyny to the physical body of the (anti)heroine. This alone speaks volumes about our society. Instead of dealing with the discomfort that in fact, some men do hate women, publishers felt that the only way to sell books was to objectify and sexualize the female protagonist.

Please read the whole post.

This brought to mind a blog post by a Cale McCaskey, ostensibly ripping on romance novels, but really ripping on women, and after I read mraynes’s post, I realized: This is the mindset. Taken by itself, his opinion is irrelevant and he’s a woman-hating man who is single and likely to remain that way.

However, how many WOMEN have I heard over the years say the same thing with regard to romance novels and the women who read them? To hear WOMEN talk about the women who read romance novels, we’re all a bunch of fat Peggy Bundys who, instead of earning advanced degrees, becoming Important People, tending to our hearths with the efficiency of Martha Stewart or a Mormon cupcake baker on Ritalin, or fighting against [patriarchy, white privilege, male privilege, rape culture, insert philosophy of choice].

It is not rapists and abusers alone who silence and hide victims. It is we, society, in our unwillingness to stare evil in the face, name it, and confront it. Until we acknowledge culpability within our culture of violence against women, our daughters, sisters and ourselves will be at risk.

Some men hate women. But so do some very vocal women. Women need to look to themselves concerning their own misogyny.

Playlist January 29 2012

Song Artist Album
Radical Catie Curtis Acoustic Valentine
Strange Angels Laurie Anderson Strange Angels
Hope Eyrie Leslie Fish & The Dehorn Crew Folk Songs for Solar Sailors
Stars Janis Ian Best Of Janis Ian – The Autobiography Collection
Circles in the Sky The Bangles Sweetheart of the Sun
Travelling Home Cathy Winter Breath On My Fire/Travelling Home
Shooting Star Cris Williamson The Changer And The Changed: A Record Of The Times
Sky Dance For Two Deborah Pearl Souvenir Of You
Would You Like to Dance Deidre McCalla With a Little Luck
Loving For Loves Sake Denise La Grassa April Dreams
Mizpah Duras Sisters Rubenesque
Peace, Salaam, Shalom Emma’s Revolution One
To the Stars Erin McKeown We Will Become Like Birds
Imagine Eva Cassidy Cassidy: Imagine
The Stars Evalyn Parry Small Theatres Songs
Little Stars Four Bitchin’ Babes Beyond Bitchin’
Fire In The Rain Holly Near Crushed!
Hijo De La Luna Sarah Brightman La Luna
Voyager Kathy Sparling As You Believed
Fall Down or Fly Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots
All the Time in the World Kate Jacobs Home Game
Blood And Fire Indigo Girls Indigo Girls [Bonus Tracks]
Mother Earth Cindi Lauper Memphis Blues
I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack I Hope You Dance
If We Had No Moon – Christine Lavin Various Artists To Touch The Stars — A Musical Celebration Of Space Exploration
Witnesses’ Waltz – Leslie Fish Various Artists To Touch The Stars — A Musical Celebration Of Space Exploration
Star Fire – Cynthia McQuillin Various Artists To Touch The Stars — A Musical Celebration Of Space Exploration

Notes on Womyn Making Waves January 29 2012

Today’s show is dedicated to the crew of the Challenger who died 26 years ago yesterday and to all of the other astronauts and cosmonauts who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Challenger Astronauts

  • Commander Francis R. (Dick) Scobee
  • Pilot Michael J. Smith
  • Mission specialists Ronald E. McNair, Ellison S. Onizuka and Judith A. Resnik
  • Payload specialists Gregory B. Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe.


Catie Curtis says, “It gets better”:


Catie Curtis sings Radical


Erin McKeown To the Stars


Janis Ian




For Jeanne-I Hope You Dance

Bluegrass Extravaganza January 29 @ The Iron Post

WEFT Bluegrass Roots Extravaganza

Dust off your dancin’ shoes and come out to support WEFT with Bluegrass, Old Time, Honky Tonk and more on Sunday, January 29, 2012, 5:00PM- 9:00PM live @ The Iron Post,  Race and Elm, Downtown Urbana.

All proceeds benefit WEFT 90.1FM!

The donation is $10. — Drawings, prizes, good times.

Thanks to the following groups for their upcoming performances:

January 22, 1973

Yesterday was the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It slipped right by me…and I apologize.

playlist January 22, 2012 hosted by barb

The Writer Tiger Darrow You Know Who You Are
Walkin’ After Midnight Sue Keller Wild Women
Alternate Universe Sue Fink Thoughts At An Intersection
Weightlessly in Love Sleeping In The Aviary Great Vacation!
Will You Love Me Tomorrow The Shirelles The Essential Carole King [Disc 2]
99% Sara Hickman Absence Of Blame
Black Lace Freudian Slip René Marie Black Lace Freudian Slip
HEART WOUNDS MASTER McCarthy & Legge Tickets To The Moon
Waterfalls Mary Fettig Brazilian Footprints
New New Year Year Lou & Peter Berryman Rocky Frontier
This Masquerade Lola Regenthal With You
Genesis Blues Kate Campbell Two Nights In Texas
Come To Me As A Bird Julie Gold Love Is Love Is Love
The Endangered Julie Gold Love Is Love Is Love
Somewhere In Your Heart Jessica Lea Mayfield Tell Me
Black Paint Heather O’Neill A Feminist Manifesto – EP
Free My Heart Fereshta Global Citizen
Only Women Bleed Etta James Heart Of A Woman
Take It To The Limit Etta James Deep In The Night
Don’t Let The Sun Catching You Crying Etta James Blue Gardenia
Voices In The Sky Emma Harvey Moody Bluegrass TWO…Much Love
Acts of Creation Echo’s Children A Dancing World
Would You Like To Meet The Voice Inside My Head Cosy Sheridan The Horse King
I’m Not Blue Connie Smith Long Line Of Heartaches
I’ve Been Living On Milk & Cookies Since You’ve Been Gone Christine Lavin Absolutely Live
Troubled Waters Cat Power The Covers Record
Breathe In Breathe Out Carrie Newcomer w/ the Ali Khans Everything Is Everywhere
Rocks In My Bed/I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues Carol Sloane Dearest Duke
Set Fire To The Rain Adele 21 [+digital booklet]