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Fan Mail!

Marcia Sloane,cellist and composer, has graciously sent me a thank-you letter dated November 6, 2011. She writes:

Dear Abby,

I’ve just checked in at the spinitron website and discovered that you played Douce Pluie and The Bride from my CD Skyward on two of your shows in October. Thanks so much. I was thrilled to be on the same playlists with Eva Cassidy and Loreena Mckennitt. Just today I was brought to tears listening to Eva singing Fields of Gold. It means so much to me that you shared my music with your listeners.

Thank you and best wishes,

Marcia Sloane

Marcia- it is I who thank you. The ability to compose,perform, and interpret music are all amazing talents. Music like yours and that of many other women is the reason for the existence of Womyn Making Waves. Voices and performances of beauty, activism, outrage, joy, sadness and warning can all be found within the realm of music, which includes ideas that might not be heard otherwise. I thank you for your lovely note and it is good to know people out there, including the artists I play, are listening!

Member of WMW Collective


Comments on: "Fan Mail!" (1)

  1. YAY! Abby, and Marcia…

    It’s wonderful to hear that abby is being appreciated for her taste in music…and we love hearing from artists whose music is so good.

    (the other wmw host)

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