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Weft Notes


Celebrate 30 years of the arts, music, news and views on WEFT 90.1FM! 

Your Community Radio Station Needs YOU to help raise $20,000!  

Please send your remarks on the following to stationmanager@weft.org or send in with your donation.

Share your memories of WEFT’s first broadcast on September 26, 1981.
How did you first hear about WEFT?   Why did you stay tuned in?
What do you enjoy about your favorite program(s) or host(s)?
What music, information, or news did WEFT bring you that you otherwise might not have known?

Through the changes in society, the media, and in our community, WEFT is still here thanks to you!

In 1981, President Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers and broke up their union.
Today, public unions face great challenges, while private sector unions have diminished.

In 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female Supreme Court Justice.
The first Latino Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, was appointed just a year ago.

In 1981, Poland’s Solidarity movement inspired popular protests and a general strike.
The spread of this year’s Arab Spring movement has sparked hopes for a better life, and has contributed in part to the Occupy Wall Street nationwide gatherings.

In 1981, the first space shuttle was launched.  This year, NASA will end the program.

In 1981, Steve Jobs become Chairman of Apple, and introduced the Apple III computer.
Steve Jobs recently passed away, the day after the new i-Phone 4 came out.

The consolidation of media ownership and de-regulation began in 1981.
Today, 6 corporations own most of the US media, with most radio stations owned by 9.

Back in 1981, The Moonlighter was the bar next door to WEFT.
Our neighborhood bar, now Mike-n-Molly’s, recently hosted WEFT-FEST 2011, in their beer garden.

Please make a contribution now to help WEFT reach our goal of raising $20,000 in listener/member/community support to help continue to provide this unique service to our community.


Contribute on our website at www.weft.org


Contribute by phone at 217-359-9338.


Contribute by returning the letter you received in the mail.


If you have made already made a contribution, thank you! Support from community members like you help WEFT continue to provide diverse news, views, information and entertainment that would otherwise not be available.


If you have not yet made a contribution and find value in the WEFT broadcast please make a contribution today.


Please encourage your friends, neighbors and fellow community members to help you support WEFT Community Radio!


All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed,
according to our designated 501(c)3 non-profit status, minus the cost of the thank you gifts.

From the Staff of WEFT 90.1FM, we thank you for your investment in our community!


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