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Samhain/Solstice Howl-O-Ween Special 2011 Host: Abby

Kaye Lande (Wade Denning) “Witches Stew” from Halloween
Heather Alexander “Samhain” from Life's Flame
Cathy Winter “The Heretic Heart” from Breath On My Fire / Traveling Home Kiva “Battle Of Evermore” from Out of the Corner of the Eye
Magnet “Fire Leap” from The Wicker Man
Magnet “Willow's Song” from The Wicker Man
Faun “Rhiannon” from Renaissance (Pagan Medieval Folk)
Kate Bush “Waking The Witch” from Hounds of Love
Kate Bush “Jig Of Life” from Hounds of Love
Cocteau Twins “The Hollow Men” from garlands
Spiral Dance “Magick” from From the Mist
Carol Martini “Halloween Is At the Door” from Petals Of The Red Magnolia Kaye Lande (Wade Denning) “Little Orphan Annie” from Halloween
Paula Brisker “Wiccan's Dance” from Narrow Road
Loreena Mckennitt- All Souls Night from Nights at the Alhambra
Victoria Parks “Song for Samhain” from Wild English Rose
SJ Tucker “Witches Rune” from Blessings
SJ Tucker "Come To The Labyrinth" from Blessings
Mad Agnes “Mother's Plaint” from Hush
Claudia Schmidt “VAMPIRE” from Midwestern Heart
Kristin Lems “The Witches Song” from Equality Road: We Will Never Give Up Kaye Lande (Wade Denning) “A Very Weird Happening” from Halloween
Kaye Lande (Wade Denning) “The Strange Three” from Halloween 
The Wailin' Jennys “Deeper Well (Live)” from Live At the Mauch Chunk Opera House
Stevie Nicks “Rhiannon (Live 2005)” from Crystal Visions
Marie-Therese Mccartin- Black IsThe Color from One April Day
Sandy Denny “After Halloween” from A Boxful Of Treasures (Disc 3)

Weft Notes


Celebrate 30 years of the arts, music, news and views on WEFT 90.1FM! 

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Through the changes in society, the media, and in our community, WEFT is still here thanks to you!

In 1981, President Reagan fired the striking air traffic controllers and broke up their union.
Today, public unions face great challenges, while private sector unions have diminished.

In 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female Supreme Court Justice.
The first Latino Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, was appointed just a year ago.

In 1981, Poland’s Solidarity movement inspired popular protests and a general strike.
The spread of this year’s Arab Spring movement has sparked hopes for a better life, and has contributed in part to the Occupy Wall Street nationwide gatherings.

In 1981, the first space shuttle was launched.  This year, NASA will end the program.

In 1981, Steve Jobs become Chairman of Apple, and introduced the Apple III computer.
Steve Jobs recently passed away, the day after the new i-Phone 4 came out.

The consolidation of media ownership and de-regulation began in 1981.
Today, 6 corporations own most of the US media, with most radio stations owned by 9.

Back in 1981, The Moonlighter was the bar next door to WEFT.
Our neighborhood bar, now Mike-n-Molly’s, recently hosted WEFT-FEST 2011, in their beer garden.

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October 23 Playlist Host- Abby

Ethel Merman
Rose's Turn
Gypsy Original Broadway Cast (1959)

Maria Karnilova
You Gotta Have a Gimmick
Gypsy Original Broadway Cast (1959)

The Simpsons/Yeardley Smith
Moanin' Lisa Blues
The Simpsons Sing the Blues

Annie Ross and The Low Note Quintet
To Hell With Love
Short Cuts Original Soundtrack

Sarah Vaughan
Black Coffee
Sarah Vaughan: Ultimate Hits

Ada Jones
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
Ada Jones Classics, Vol. 1

Billie Holiday
A Fine Romance
Lady In Autumn: The Best Of The Verve Years [Disc 1]

Judy Garland
Carolina In The Morning
One And Only

Judy Garland
That's Entertainment!
One And Only

Judy Garland
On The Atchison Topeka And The Santa Fe
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (The Golden Age of Hollywood Musicals)

Imelda May
I'M Alive

Las Kellies
Bife Dos

Annette Funicello
Annette's Beach Party

Mitzi Gaynor
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair
South Pacific

Barbra Streisand
No Matter What Happens

Sylvia Syms
Pink Taffeta Sample Size 10

Rosemary Clooney
Let There Be Love
Girl Singer

Lara Price
One More Day

Lawrence Lebo
Cowboy Swinging Boogie Woogie
Don't Call Her Larry, Vol III

Jackie Morris
We're Not Lost
Tell Me A Story

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) [1942 Single Version]
The Millennium Collection: The Best of the Andrews Sisters

The Secret Sisters
Somethin' Stupid
The Secret Sisters

Josie Falbo
Little Jazz Bird
Taylor St.

Nikki Yanofsky
First Lady

Carole King
The Living Room Tour (Dig) (Live) Disc 1

Ella Fitzgerald
Midnight Sun
Like Someone In Love

Blossom Dearie
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Verve Jazz Masters 51: Blossom Dearie

Carly Simon
Where Or When
Moonlight Serenade

Sophie Milman
Do It Again
In the Moonlight

October 16, 2011 playlist – host barb

Artist Album
song of the soul Meg Christian/Cris Williamson Meg and Cris at Carnegie Hall
A Woman’s Love
Alix Dobkin Living With Lavender Jane
Eleanor Rigby
Aretha Franklin This Girl’s In Love With You
Anna Lee (Sweetheart of the Sun)
The Bangles Sweetheart of the Sun
One of Two
The Bangles Sweetheart of the Sun
Perfect Two (Acoustic)
Auburn Perfect Two (Acoustic) – Single
Ela (On My Way)
Bebel Gilberto All In One
Pat Benatar Pat Benatar: Greatest Hits
Mammary Glands
Kristin Lems Oh Mama – Plus!
I’m Every Woman
Chaka Khan I Am Woman
Antje Duvekot The Near Demise of the Highwire Dancer
Teenage Daughters
Martina McBride Eleven
All My Friends
Lindi Ortega Little Red Boots
Music Was the Thread
Kelley Hunt Gravity Loves You
We Are Water
Jocelyn Medina We Are Water
Run Myself Into The Ground
Jessica Lea Mayfield Tell Me
Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing
Spirit Healer
Heather Bishop Old New Borrowed Blue
Here’s to the Meantime
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals This Is Somewhere
Beautiful Feet
Gina Chavez Hanging Spoons
The Right To Love
Holly Near Crushed!
Sailors, Prophets &
Heather Styka Travel And Teacups
Four Bitchin’ Babes Diva Nation
American Women
Four Bitchin’ Babes 4 BitchinBabes DierdreFlint,NancyMoran,Debi Smith,SallyFingerett 09 Diva Nation (self)
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Cyndi Lauper The Essential
The Dakota
Christine Lavin Future Fossils
Here Comes The Sun
Mary Ellen Wessels Current Obsessions
Cold Pizza
Christine Lavin Cold Pizza For Breakfast
I Won’t Back Down
Dale Ann Bradley Don’t Turn Your Back
In The Name Of The Dance
SJ Tucker Blessings
Its A Free World
Peggy Seeger An Odd Collection

U.S. Out Of My Uterus! Choice threatened in Mississippi!

The state of Mississippi is introducing Amendment 26 to the legislature on November 8th. This amendment would give an unborn fetus protection at the expense of the life of their mother, and more importantly, would attempt to overturn Roe V. Wade. Many similar amendments are quietly being introduced around the country. The importance of choice, for every woman, is an important right that cannot and should not be ignored. If we allow politicians and pundits to rule our lives in such a manner, how long before they take away our rights to vote, work, and live in pursuit of happiness according to the constitution?

More information about Amendment 26 and the Jackson Women’s Health Organization can be found here:


Birdie’s Bookshelf- Geek Girls Unite!!

What do Amy Poehler, Bjork, Felicia Day, Martha Stewart, Miranda July, and Zooey Deschanel have in common?


“Geek Girls Unite is a call to arms for every girl who has ever obsessed over music, comics, film, or anything else under the Death Star. Music Geek Leslie Simon offers an overview of the geek elite by covering groundbreaking women, hall-of famers, ultimate love matches and potential frenemies, along with her top picks for playlists, books, movies and websites. This smart and hilarious tour through girl geekdom is a must-have for any woman who has ever wondered where her sassy rebel sisters have been hiding.”- Quote from the publisher


One giant leap for fangirl/fanwoman kind:

Geek Girl Con


It’s where Barb and I should have been last weekend ( I wish!). It was in Seattle, and we’re in the midwest, alas! This was the first one ever, so let’s hope the tradition carries on!!

Abby (aka The Birdie)

Glad I’m not in Kansas–October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

via Huffington Post.  read the article here:

TOPEKA, Kan. — Over the past month, one by one, people suspected in domestic battery cases in northeast Kansas have been set free with no charges against them. Prosecutors say they’re overwhelmed with felonies and, faced with budget cuts, can’t afford to pursue the cases.

Busted budgets have forced tough decisions by governments and law enforcement officials nationwide, but the Shawnee County district attorney’s move to stop investigating domestic abuse and other misdemeanor cases has angered victims’ advocates who say austerity has gone too far.