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WEFTfest Thanks

First, WEFTfest happened! It was a success!!!!  OMG, I am so delighted I could die…Thank you, everyone.  I was so freaked out, and everything worked…Thanks be to all the gods and goddesses and Fate in general…and Todd….and Mick…and Abby…Y’all rock.

I’d like to add my thanks to Mick’s…I really appreciate all the help Todd and I got to make the 30th anniversary WEFTfest a success.

I’d like to thank Todd.  His knowledge of the music community and willingness to take on that part of the day helped make the day a success.

I’d like to thank Mick…he went above and beyond, helping with all the detail work (t-shirts, cashbox, membership forms, shopping and checking with us to make sure we were on top of things…his years of experience are invaluable.

I’d like to thank Mike and Molly’s for providing the venue.  It was a perfect day for the beer garden.

I’d like to thank Big Bluestem and the Palace Flophouse for the music.

Thanks  to Abby, Emily, Nate and Lily…we sold t-shirts, got memberships and got at least one person interested in being an airshifter because Emily, Nate and Lily were there to staff the table…and bless Abby for being at the board.

Thanks to Bob Henne (Bob the Sound Guy), Mike Feldman and Bob Palezny for their technical expertise so WEFTfest went out over the air.

Thanks to Ed Hadley, Weft’s official artist, for the designing the flyer and Sean (my partner) for turning Ed’s design into cake art.

Thanks to all the airshifters who announced WEFTfest on the air and came out in support.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but in case I did, thank you…


barb t, Womyn Making Waves


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