Womyn's music and music by women

The Delmonas “Farmer John” from Do The Uncle Willy
Kelley Ryan “About A Girl” from Twist
Lindsay Fuller and the Cheap Dates “Good Country People” from Lindsay Fuller and the Cheap Dates
Kathy Sparling “Housework” from As You Believed 
Kasey Chambers “Invisible Girl” from Little Bird
Eilen Jewell “Queen of the Minor Key” from Queen Of The Minor Key
Kate Rusby “Mary Blaize” from The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Runa “Maid of Culmore” from Stretched on Your Grave
Loreena McKennitt “The Star Of County Down” from The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Marie-Thérèse McCartin “Black Is The Color” from Another April Day
Cynthia Macleod “Dublin Airport” from Riddle
Lynn Miles “Time to Let The Sun” from Fall For Beauty
Rachel Goodrich “G- Dino” from Rachel Goodrich
Meryn Cadell “The Sweater” from Angel Food for Thought
Eva Cassidy “AUTUMN LEAVES” from Simply Eva
Emely Anne “Hejira” from The Way Home
Four Bitchin' Babes “A Happy Song” from FROM: Hormonal Imbalance
Kelcy Mae “Down To The River” from Pennies in Hand
Sarah Jarosz “My Muse” from Follow Me Down
Heather O'Neill “Monique” from A Feminist Manifesto
Erica Wheeler “Apache Motel” from Good Summer Rain
Charlotte Thistle Band “Lap Of Luxury” from Wild Wind
Cheryl Wheeler “White Cat” from Pointing at the Sun
Lisa Bigwood “Cats In the Woodpile” from Intrepid
Josie Falbo “Triste” from Taylor St.
Rosemary Clooney “Sisters” from Girl Singer
Carly Simon “Into White”
Imelda May “ETERNITY” from Mayhem
K.d. Lang “Sweet Little Cherokee” from Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
Miwa Gemini “Alice's Voice” from The Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose 
Mae Moore “Red Clay Hills” from It's A Funny World

Comments on: "September 18 2011 Show- Host Abby" (2)

  1. Kathy Sparling said:

    Thanks so much for the spins this week and last — what a special honor to be included on your 9/11 Peace show. Warmly, Kathy Sparling

    • Thank you!
      If it wasn’t for the women making/writing/playing music, we wouldn’t have songs to play. Music is a wonderful thing, and to be able both write, perform and master one or more instruments an incredible talent.

      Keep on singing!

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