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Have you ever wondered, “How do I get on the air at WEFT?

Sign up for the upcoming Airshifter Orientation Class Thursday, September 29th 6:00PM at the WEFT Studios, 113 N. Market St., Downtown Champaign.

Class size is limited, so reserve your spot now!  To sign up, download the WEFT Airshifter Training Orientation Application PDF form, fill it out, and return it in any one of the following ways:

  1. To the WEFT Studios at 113 N. Market St., near University, Downtown Champaign
  2. Mail it in to WEFT, PO Box 1223, Champaign, IL.  61824-1223
  3. Scan it in, and send it to airshiftertraining@weft.org

The class is free to all current Members of WEFT.  To find out if you are a current Member, e-mail memberservices@weft.org.

  • Note that submitting an application and taking the Airshifter Training Class does not guarantee a spot on the air, as there are many factors, such as availability in the broadcast schedule, competing program proposals, volunteering off air, etc.  At the same time, participation is welcome whether it’s as a regular weekly program host, or by assisting with substitute airshifts.

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