Womyn's music and music by women

CU Pride Fest

WEFT is a presenting sponsor of Pride Fest 2011.


CU Pride Fest 2011

4:00-4:20: DJ Randall(will be playing throughout the evening between performers)
4:40-4:45: Committee Welcome
4:45-5:05: Dawna Nelson
5:30-5:35: DJ Randall/Up Center Welcome
5:35-5:55: Desafinado

6:25 – 6:50 Drag Show 1

7:05-7:25: Amasong
8:00-8:25: Vanattica
8:40-9:05: Drag Show 2
9:20-9:50: Carnivale Debauche
9:50- : DJ Rico with Drag Hotspots

4:20-4:40: Dona Flor
5:15-5:30: Alex Miffin
6:00-6:25: Zoo Improv
6:50-7:05: Tom Miebach
7:35-8:00: Class Act Improv


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