Womyn's music and music by women


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month –
September 15 to October 15

September Highlights in US Women’s History
Sept 12, 1910 – Alice Stebbins Wells, a former social worker, becomes the first woman police officer with arrest powers in US (Los Angeles, CA)
Sept 14, 1964 – Helen Keller receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom along with 4 other women: Dr. Lena Edwards, Lynn Fontainne, Dr. Helen Taussig, and Leontyne Price
Sept 14, 1975 – Elizabeth Ann Seton is canonized. She is the first American-born saint, and founded the first U.S. Order of Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph
Sept 20, 1973 – Billie Jean King defeats Bobby “No broad can beat me” Riggs in the battle of the sexes tennis match
Sept 25, 1981 – Sandra Day O’Connor is sworn in as the first woman U.S. Supreme Court justice
Sept 26, 1971 – Rep. Shirley Chisholm (D-New York) announces she will enter the Democratic presidential primaries
Sept 26, 1973 – Capt. Lorraine Potter, an American Baptist minister, is the first woman U.S. Air Force chaplain
Sept 29, 1988 – Stacy Allison becomes first U.S. woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest

September Birthdays
Sept 1, 1933 (2006) – Ann Richards, second woman elected governor of Texas (1990)
Sept 2, 1948 (1986) – Christa McAuliffe, NH teacher, selected in 1985 to be the first teacher in space; died aboard space shuttle Challenger
Sept 3, 1920 (1966) – Marguerite Higgins, first woman to win Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting (1951) for coverage of the Korean War
Sept 6, 1860 (1935) – Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago, first major settlement house. First American woman to receive Nobel Peace Prize (1931); helped establish American Civil Liberties Union (1920)
Sept 8, 1859 (1918) – Mary M. Kimball Kehew, union organizer, cofounder of the Union for Industrial Progress (1892); first president of National Women’s Trade Union League (1903)
Sept 14, 1830 (1910) – Emily Edson Briggs, first woman White House correspondent, during Lincoln’s administration; first president of Women’s National Press Assn. (1882)
Sept 14, 1879 (1966) – Margaret Sanger, pioneer in birth control and sex education; founded predecessor to Planned Parenthood
Sept 18, 1905 (1993) – Agnes De Mille, dancer, choreographer, pioneer of the American Ballet Theater
Sept 20, 1946 – Judith Baca, Latina visual artist and muralist; community activist.
Sept 23, 1863 (1954) – Mary Church Terrell, first president of National Assn. of Colored Women (1896); picketed in Washington DC for suffrage and desegregation
Sept 23, 1838 (1927) – Victoria Woodhull, feminist, first woman candidate for U.S. President (1872) for the Equal Rights Party; with sister, first women to be members of the NY Stock Exchange (1870’s)


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