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Woman of the Southern Wind

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Mein-Juin Chen AEMS

Woman of the Southern Wind

Thursday, January 21, 2010, at 7pm Doors open at 6:30pm for a viewing of the 17-minute film Yin Yu Tang: A Chinese Home | Studio Theatre

In this film by Mein-Juin Chen, an impoverished single mother with a third-grade education dedicates her life to the ancient Chinese musical form Nanguan. Mei-O Chen battles in Taiwan and China to restore Nanguan to its former place of honor by founding the Han Tang Yeufu Ensemble. The troupe merges haunting Nanguan with the evocative choreography of Pear Orchard Theatre for breathtaking performances. This captivating portrait of an unlikely champion showcases her determination to share the spare melodies and lilting steps of these magical art forms.

Mei-Juin Chen is an award-winning filmmaker whose works have been shown on television in more than 150 countries. She has been commissioned by the National Geographic Channel, and her film Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks in America aired on PBS as part of the Independent Lens series. In 2000, she received the Most Outstanding Asian Artist Special Award from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Chinese American Arts Council, and New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

Esther Kim Lee of the Department of Theatre will introduce the film and lead a discussion following the screening. This presentation is part of AsiaLENS, a documentary and independent film series of the Asian Educational Media Service. AEMS promotes understanding of Asian cultures and peoples and assists K-12 and college educators in using film, video, and other visual media to teach and learn about Asia.

This event is one of the engagement activities surrounding the performance of A Chinese Home by Kronos Quartet with Wu Man at Krannert Center on January 28.


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