Womyn's music and music by women

Cristy “Womyn Making Waves” (Music) Jan 17th 2010, 1.00PM to 3.00PM
Played Artist Song Disk Year Label Note
2:13pm X-Ray Spex Oh Bondage! Up Yours Germ-Free Adolescents
2:14pm Siouxie & the Banshees Christine Left of the Dial
2:15pm The Breeders Bang On Whip It! soundtrack
2:15pm X-Ray Spex Identity Germ-Free Adolescents
2:16pm X-Ray Spex I Am a Cliche Germ-Free Adolescents
2:16pm X-Ray Spex I Am a Poseur Germ-Free Adolescents
2:17pm X-Ray Spex The Day the World Turned Day-Glo Germ-Free Adolescents
2:18pm Sonic Youth Pacific Coast Highway Sister
2:19pm The Ettes Crown of Age Whip It! soundtrack
2:19pm The Sugarcubes Birthday Left of the Dial
2:21pm The Vivian Girls Can’t Get Over You Everything Goes Wrong
2:22pm Tilly and the Wall Pot Kettle Black Whip It! soundtrack
2:22pm The Raincoats Fairytale in the Supermarket The Raincoats
2:23pm The Raincoats Adventures Close to Home The Raincoats
2:29pm The Raincoats Lola The Raincoats
2:29pm The Raincoats No Looking The Raincoats
2:30pm The Go! Team Doing It Right Whip It!
2:31pm The Pretenders Message of Love Left of the Dial
2:31pm Madonna What It Feels Like for a Girl
2:32pm The Pandoras Melvin Battle of the Garages Part 2
2:33pm Concrete Blonde Still in Hollywood Left of the Dial
2:34pm The Plasticines No Way
2:35pm The Fiery Furnaces Cabaret of the Seven Devils
2:37pm Peaches Boys Wanna Be Her Whip It! soundtrack
2:44pm Land of Talk Some Are Lakes
2:46pm Santogold L.E.S. Artistes Santogold
2:54pm Bow Wow Wow Aphrodisiac Marie Antoinette soundtrack
2:57pm Lydia Lunch Knives in the Drain Queen of Siam


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