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Trans Homecoming Queen

AP from the Washington Post

College Of William & Mary Elects Trans Homecoming Queen

The students of the College of William and Mary have elected their first ever transgender homecoming queen.

Jessee Vasold took the field Saturday at halftime of the Williamsburg school’s football game against James Madison. The junior and other members of the homecoming court were introduced to the crowd and posed for pictures. Vasold identifies as “genderqueer,” a term for those who don’t adhere to either strictly male or strictly female gender roles. Students nominated and elected Vasold, who will represent the Class of 2011. An e-mail message left for Vasold on Saturday wasn’t immediately returned.

Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson-Queen of Rockabilly Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

playlist Oct 18, 2009

Womyn Making Waves (Music) with kittent 10/18/2009 01:00PM to 03:00PM

webcasting on/logs done/barbara trumpinski-roberts

01:05PM A’lea “Xenophobia” from Great Big World (Folk, 1997) on Listengood Records

01:10PM Amanda Palmer “Ampersand” from Who Killed Amanda Palmer (Private, 2008) on Roadrunner Records

01:16PM Amanda Palmer “Runs In the Family” from Who Killed Amanda Palmer (Private, 2008) on Roadrunner Records
01:20PM Ani DiFranco “Origami” from Educated Guess (Folk, 2003) on Righteous Babe

01:22PM Antje Duvekot “Reasonland” from The Near Demise of the Highwire Dancer (Folk, 2009) on Self Published NEW

01:27PM Antje Duvekot “Merry Go Round” from The Near Demise of the Highwire Dancer (Folk, 2009) on Self Published NEW

01:31PM Christine Lavin “Rituals” from Future Fossils (Folk, 1984) on Philo

01:37PM Cris Williamson “Waterfall” from The Changer And The Changed: A Record Of The Times (Folk, 1975) on Olivia

01:42PM Dory Previn “The Altruist And The Needy Case” from Mythical Kings & Iguanas/Reflections In A Mud Puddle (Folk, 1971) on unknown

01:47PM Echo’s Children “I Meant to Do That” from A Dancing World (Folk) on unknown

01:49PM The Pipettes “Sex” from We Are The Pipettes [Bonus Tracks] (Folk, 2007) on Cherry Tree NEW

01:52 PM The Pipettes “Judy” from We Are The Pipettes [Bonus Tracks] (Folk, 2007) on Cherry Tree NEW

01:57 PM Rebecca Padula Band “The Neighbors” from Fire & Water (Folk, 2008) on Self Published

02:02PM Wanda Jackson “Fujiyama Mama” from Rockin’ With Wanda (Rock, 1960) on Capitol Nashville

02:05PM Tina Dico “Warm Sand” from Live Session (iTunes Exclusive) – EP (Folk, 2006) on Itunes

02:08PM Wanda Jackson “Did You Miss Me?” from Rockin’ With Wanda (Rock, 1960) on Capitol Nashville

02:11PM Wendy Wall “The Wallflower Waltz” from Wendy Wall 08 The Road To Paradise (Folk, 2008) on Tumblestone Records NEW

02:16PM The Waifs “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” from A Brief History… disc one… (Rock, 2004) on Compass

0219PM Tori Amos “Tear In Your Hand” from Little Earthquakes (Rock, 1992) on Atlantic

02:26PM Toni Childs “The Dead Are Dancing” from House Of Hope (Private, 1991) on A&M

02:30PM Three Weird Sisters “Hymn” from Hair Of The Frog (Private, 2004) on Bedlam House

02:34PM Thea Hopkins “Jenny Danced” from Chickasaw (Folk, 2007) on Self Published

02:37PM Talis Kimberley “Pale Shamen” from Archetype Café (Private, 2000) on Marchwood Media

02:41PM Susan Werner “Like Bonsai” from Time Between Trains (Folk, 1998) on Bottom Line/Koch

02:46PM The Dresden Dolls “Pretty In Pink” from No, Virginia… (Bonus Track Version) (Rock, 2008) on Roadrunner Records

02:51PM Stevie Nicks “Sometimes It’s A Bitch” from Timespace – The Best of Stevie Nicks (Rock, 1991) on Warner Brothers

02:56PM Zakiya Hooker “Keeping It Real” from Keeping It Real (Blues, 2009) on Elden Drive NEW

amanda fucking palmer

Amanda Palmer gets it. She understands what music and community are all about and she explains it in her blog post on money, art and the economics of trust.

Virtual Crowdsurfing

hola comrades!

i took the better part of this past week and sorted through & responded to – see below – over almost ONE THOUSAND (jesuschrist) collected responses to the past “why i am not afraid to take your money” blog, since it got posted and reposted all over the place (thanks cory @ boingboing, mike @ techdirt, popurls.com, absolutepunk.net, iconfactory.com, and all the other folks who spread it around & rewteeted it).

i have a lot to say. please feel free to cut, paste and share it as you so choose.

it’s broken down into four parts:

1. Virtual Crowdsurfing (an explanation)
2. Selling Out (my personal definition)
3. Why This Works (for me but maybe not for everybody)
4. Money, Art & Random Balance (the economics of trust)
5. AFP responds to comments

You can read the whole thing by clicking the link below:


I want the poster that is at the bottom of part 1

Boobie-thon Oct 1-7

I just found out about Boobie-thon which runs from Oct. 1-Oct 7. It is a fund raising marathon of the Bloggers Helping Bloggers charity, designed to raise awareness of breast cancer, and to support breast cancer research.

From the website:

2009 marks the 8th Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon. Bloggers from all over the globe send in photos of their boobies (covered and uncovered) to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

In the past seven years we have raised over $50,000.00 for Breast Cancer Research and we are back to do it all again on October 1, 2009!

The 2009 event kicks off on Thursday October 1, 2009 and will run for one full week, ending at 11:59 pm on Wednesday October 7, 2009. Just as we have done in the past we will be supporting a Bloggers Helping Bloggers charityt as well as Komen.

For more detailed information about the Blogger Boobie-Thon and how it started, please visit The History of the Boobie-Thon written by the Boobie-Thon Founder, Robyn in 2005. You can also find another “History of the Boobie-thon” at heyfreak.com.

Our Mission

The Boobie-Thon’s mission is to create a fun and lighthearted event that created awareness and raises money for breast cancer research.

I have personally not sent a picture of my boobies as I just found out about this, but I encourage you to go to the site: http://www.boobiethon.com/ and check it out. It is a very worthy cause.

(p.s. Thanks go to Kevin Smith for tweeting about this event)

Jobs for Justice Event

Jobs with Justice is a co-sponsor of this march.
The 6th annual Unity March is this Saturday, Oct. 3. Starting at NOON.
It will be kicking off from the Champaign City Building, traveling down University Ave, and ending with a rally at the Champaign County courthouse.
There will be a reception at the Independent Media Center.

This year’s march is addressing the current economic crisis.
and are collecting donations for the Safe Haven community, homeless tent city (blankets and bedding).
Rain or shine, we will march.
We can weather this storm together.


Sunday, October 4th.
The concert is at Gregory Hall on campus at 7pm.

If you haven’t heard Ann Feeney yet you don’t know what you are missing.

Its fun! It’s timely! and it’s in support of GEO. So show up!
Free but donations welcome.

Want to join others for a People”s Potluck at 5:30 at YMCA directly across the street.

Sun. Oct 4 at 5:30PM
Campus YMCA
1001 S Wright St

Then head next door for the Free concert to follow at 7PM across the street at Greg Hall in solidarity with GEO!