Womyn's music and music by women

Playlist Sept 27, 2009

Womyn Making Waves (Music) with kittent 09/27/2009 01:00PM to 03:00PM

01:03PM Anne Weiss “These Days (Jackson Browne)” from Anne Weiss 08 Concrete World and The Lover’s Dream (Demo) (Folk, 2008) on Potter Street Records

01:07PM Annika Fehling “Happy On The Red” from Happy On The Red (Folk, 2004) on Rootsy

01:11PM Antje Duvekot “Dublin Boys” from The Near Demise of the Highwire Dancer (Folk, 2009) on ble

01:15PM Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy “Go Away From My Window” from Adieu False Heart (Rock, 2006) on eep

01:20PM Allette Brooks “Gyre” from Allette Brooks 08 Blaze (Folk, 2008) on alette brooks (BMI)

01:24PM Allette Brooks “Soprano Angst” from Allette Brooks 08 Blaze (Folk, 2008) on alette brooks (BMI)

01:28PM Madeleine Peyroux “Damn The Circumstances” from Bare Bones (Jazz, 2009) on Rounder

01:33PM Joni Mitchell “The Three Great Stimulants” from The Beginning Of Survival (Rock, 2004) on geffen

01:39PM Betty Soo “Easy Living” from Little Tiny Secrets (Folk, 2007) on Self Published

01:45PM Lauren Lapointe “Ballerina Girl” from Butterfly (Folk, 2007) on Self Published

01:49PM Francine Reed “Been There, Done That” from Can’t Make It On My Own (Blues, 1996) on Ichiban Old EMD

01:53PM Eva Cassidy “Early morning rain” from Cassidy: Imagine (Folk, 2002) on Blix Street

02:01PM Kristin Lems “New Boundaries” from Equality Road: We Will Never Give Up (Folk, 2007) on Self Published carolsdatter

02:04PM Melissa Manchester “Fire In The Morning” from The Essence Of (Blues, 1997) on Arista

02:08PM February Sky “Child of the Earth” from February Sky (Folk, 2009) on February Sky Productions

02:13PM Janet Bates “Then There Was You” from For All His Wealth (Folk, 2008) on Self Published

02:17PM Rory Block “Remember” from From the Dust (Blues, 2005) on Telarc

02:25PM Christine Lavin “Don’t Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name” from Future Fossils (Folk, 1983) on Philo

02:28PM Julia Brown “Pieces Of The Species” from Julia Brown 08 (ind) Strange Scars (Rock, 2008) on Riot Shack

02:32PM BeBe K’Roche “Kahlua Mama” from Lesbian Concentrate (Private, 1977) on Olivia

04:00PM Neko Case “The Next Time You Say “Forever”” from Middle Cyclone (Bonus Track Version) (Folk, 2009) on Anit

02:38PM Beth Patterson “Come Hell Or High Water” from On Better Paths (Folk, 2009) on Little Blue Men (BMI)

02:45PM Keri Noble “Watch Me Walk” from Keri Noble (Folk, 2009) on Telarc

02:49PM Holly Long “Too Much Mountain” from Leaving Kansas (Rock, 2008) on Self Published

02:51PM Maureen Andary “Sometimes Love Is A Joke” from Nostalgia (Folk, 2008) on Self Published

02:54PM Maureen Andary “Better Than Chocolate” from Nostalgia (Folk, 2008) on Self Published

02:57PM Gloria Attoun “Cosmic Love Song” from Seeds (Folk, 2005) on Out Attoun Productions


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