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Two thrillers on DVD from Spain:
The Orphanage is a carefully paced supernatural thriller about a mother who returns to her childhood orphanage to open a home for the disabled. But, her son mysteriously goes missing and mom insists his imaginary playmates had something to do with it. The heart of the movie lies in Laura’s performance, who is grief-stricken and guilt ridden about innocent mistakes from childhood where eerie clues may lead her toward finding her boy. Creepy and moving.

The Devil’s Backbone is a major league fear inducing tale with political and allegorical meanings. A boy ghost, an impotent caretaker, his peg legged co-administrator, and an evil gardener will spook you with repeated jolts and unsettled feelings. Will the orphans ever be safe from the evil forces within the orphanage? How about that un-detonated bomb in the garden? Guillermo Dell Toro of “Pan’s Labyrinth” offers up a winner from several years back.

Forget chainsaws and gimmicky evil tricksters, these two are the real deal!
Recommendations for reviews always welcome.

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