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Off the Air

Due to a lightning incident, WEFT is off the air until probably Tuesday so there will be no WMW on Sunday June 1. Tune in on June 8 for more womyn’s music and music by women.

Kudos to the Programming Committee and WEFT

Last Friday night was the WEFT Volunteer Appreciation Party and it was great. Many wefties attended. The committee provided pizza and beverages and the volunteers (who else) brought dessert. Great fun was had by all…I recommend WEFT volunteering as a source of inspiration and amusement.

We got a preview of the new front studio (it’s not quite ready yet) and it is going to totally rock. I’m going to feel like I’m on the bridge of the Enterprise when I sit at the console.

Personal note: I did WMW yesterday from my laptop. I did mostly okay…we were even able to transition from my laptop to the host of “Journey: Music of Greece”‘s laptop with scarcely a break. YAY, me!

Connies Hot Flashes on Movies

Two thrillers on DVD from Spain:
The Orphanage is a carefully paced supernatural thriller about a mother who returns to her childhood orphanage to open a home for the disabled. But, her son mysteriously goes missing and mom insists his imaginary playmates had something to do with it. The heart of the movie lies in Laura’s performance, who is grief-stricken and guilt ridden about innocent mistakes from childhood where eerie clues may lead her toward finding her boy. Creepy and moving.

The Devil’s Backbone is a major league fear inducing tale with political and allegorical meanings. A boy ghost, an impotent caretaker, his peg legged co-administrator, and an evil gardener will spook you with repeated jolts and unsettled feelings. Will the orphans ever be safe from the evil forces within the orphanage? How about that un-detonated bomb in the garden? Guillermo Dell Toro of “Pan’s Labyrinth” offers up a winner from several years back.

Forget chainsaws and gimmicky evil tricksters, these two are the real deal!
Recommendations for reviews always welcome.

barb’s playlist may 4, 2008

Track Artist Album

  1. Blackbird Evan Rachel Wood Across the Universe
  2. Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Sinead O’Connor am I not your girl
  3. My Mind is Out to Get Me Margie Adam Best of
  4. Sunday Morning Elizabeth Cook Balls
  5. Eulogy for My Next Lover Brenda Kahn Goldfish Don’t Talk Back
  6. Tapestry Carole King Tapestry
  7. Love is Wide Carrie Newcomer Betty’s Diner
  8. One Woman and a Shovel Carrie Newcomer Betty’s Diner
  9. Lost Voices Cathy Winter Breath on My Fire
  10. Democrazy Chaka Khan group Come 2 My House
  11. Damaged Goods Christine Lavin Future Fossils
  12. If You Could Read My Mind Connie Kaldo Beautiful: Gordon Lightfoot Tribute
  13. Would You Like to Dance Deidre McCalla With a Little Luck
  14. Oscar Song Rebecca Pronsky departures & arrivals
  15. Diamonds and Rust Joan Baez Diamonds and Rust
  16. Wake Up Little Sparrow Lizz Wright Dreaming Wide Awake
  17. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter Madeleine Peyroux Dreamland
  18. Lifetime of Song Heather Alexander Everafter
  19. Two Tongues at One Time Mariee Sioux Faces in the Rocks
  20. For the Benefit of Time Lisabeth Weber Maggie Marshall The Firetower Sessions
  21. And So It Goes Priscilla Herdman Ragtime Gal
  22. Free to Be Marlo Thomas and Friends Free to Be…You and Me
  23. Not Until the Wind Changes Maggie’s Farm Glory Road
  24. Second Fiddle Mother Folkers Live at the Arveida Center
  25. Safe, Strong and Free Judy Fjell Livin’ on Dreams
  26. As Cool As I Am Dar Williams Mortal City
  27. House of the Rising Sun Nina Simone Nina Simone Sings the Blues
  28. If I Was the Woman You Wanted Nanci Griffith There’s a Light Beyond These Woods
  29. Getting Older Katie Moore Only Thing Worse
  30. Velveteen Kathy Mar Plus Ca Change; Plus C’est La Meme Chose (2cd set)
  31. Little Green Eyes Kathy Mar Plus Ca Change; Plus C’est La Meme Chose (2cd set)
  32. Displacement Pamela Hines Trio Return
  33. I Just Want to Make Love to You Heart The Road Home