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WMW playlist 4/27/2008 barb’s playlist

Track Artist Album

  1. Xenophobia A’Lea Great Big World
  2. How to find a rainbow Adie Grey …how to find a rainbow
  3. Beautiful Songs Amanda Mabro Superwoman in the Making
  4. Are You Experienced Belly Stone Free-a Jimi Hendrix tribute
  5. Matthew Janis Ian Billies Bones
  6. One and One Makes Three Jennifer Berezan Borderlines
  7. Storms Never Last Jessi Coulter I’ve Always Been Crazy (tribute to Waylon Jennings)
  8. Parlez-moi D’amour Linda Ronstadt Ann Savoy Adieu False Heart
  9. Get Together Lizz Wright Dreaming Wide Awake
  10. 19 Miles to Baghdad Lizzy West & the New Buffalo Spreading the Seeds-10th Anniversary
  11. Living in the Moment Meg Christian Best of Meg Christian
  12. Lovin’ You Minnie Riperton Best of
  13. Song For Rembered Heroes Nanci Griffith There’s a Light Beyond These Woods
  14. Love Letters Nora O’Connor Til the Dawn
  15. Hymn to Her Pretenders Isle of View
  16. Little Perennials Indigo Girls Despite Our Differences
  17. If I Had a Heart Joni Mitchell Shine
  18. Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) Melanie Best of Melanie
  19. Gone Rebecca Pronsky departures & arrivals
  20. Obviously soNIA No Bomb is Smart
  21. The Winter It Is Past Susan McKeown Sweet Liberty
  22. Foot of the Bed Tres Chicas Sweetwater
  23. Don’t Think Twice Waifs Magnetic Love
  24. A New Marilyn Vonda Shepard Vonda Shepard
  25. Magic Tina Dico Live Sessions (itunes exclusive)
  26. May Queen Three Weird Sisters Hair of the Frog
  27. Thanking the Universe Nicole Mitchell Black Unstoppable

Connie’s Hot Flashes on Movies

Run Time 4:21 minutes- Tuesday 6:30AM Wednesday 7:30AM and Friday 6PM
CANVAS (a free screening at the Virginia on 4-27 at 4:30)
Also an Ebertfest choice, CANVAS looks in on a family dealing with the mother’s schizophrenia where a normal home life is impossible because of it. The son is teased at school, the Dad has no emotional support system, and the unstable mom is hospitalized. The family portrays a down to earth slice of reality; the ending is a bit too upbeat to mirror reality, but it’s a solid little film about how a family and the world deal with mental illness.
a tough movie watching experience that directly deals with the abortion topic. Unlike American directors who insist upon happy endings when an unexpected pregnancy surfaces (Juno, Knocked Up, Waitress), this Romanian film takes it on in an unflinching manner- haunting and aesthetically powerful. Won many international awards (Cannes, etc.) but totally shunned by our “wonderful” Oscar Committee. Go figure.

National Women’s Music Festival


The National Women’s Music Festival is right around the corner. This year it is in wonderful Madison, Wisconsin!!!!

June 19-22. Click on the link for more information!!!!