Womyn's music and music by women

In celebration of Women’s History Month

Womyn Making Waves 3/2/2008 Playlist

1. Song of the Soul Cris Williamson Live in Concert
2. If It Wasn’t for the Women Alix Dobkin Love and Politics
3. Living With Lesbians Alix Dobkin Living with Lavender Jane
4. Woman of Heart and Mind Minnie Riperton Best of Minnie Riperton
5. Leaping Lesbians Sue Fink Lesbian Concentrate
6. Marie Cathy Winter Breath on My Fire
7. Rubenesque Duras Sisters Rubenesque
8. Chocolate Mother Folkers Live at the Arveida Center
9. I Am a Union Woman Deborah Holland Panic is on
10. Sometimes It Takes Balls to Be a Woman Elizabeth Cook Balls
11. If You Were a Woman Bonnie Tyler Super Hits
12. Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here Any More Gerri Gribi The Gerri Gribi Songbook
13. If you Love a Hippopotamus Heather Bishop Belly Button
14. Best Friend (The Unicorn Song) Margie Adam Best of
15. Did Jesus Have a Baby Sister Heather Bishop Old New Borrowed Blue
16. Imagine My Surprise Holly Near Imagine My Surprise
17. Society’s Child Janis Ian Society’s Child-the Verve Recordings
18. Ballad of the ERA Kristen Lems Equality Road
19. The Pill Loretta Lynn Respect
20. Ode to a Gym Teacher Meg Christian Best of Meg Christian
21. Brave and Crazy Melissa Etheridge Brave and Crazy
22. Gonna Be an Engineer Peggy Seeger Three Score and 10
23. For Straight Folks… Pat Parker Lesbian Concentrate
24. Sisters Rory Block Ain’t I a Woman
25. Butch in the Streets Tribe 8 Fist City
26. I am Woman Helen Ready I Am Woman
27. Wild Women Don’t Sing the Blues Sue Keller Wild Women
28. Sometimes It’s a Bitch Stevie Nicks TimeSpace
29. Downhome Aphrodite Seanan McGuire Stars Fall Home
30. Wish I was a Single Girl Again Robin Greenstein Images of Women
31. Looking for the Time Nanci Griffith There’s a Light Beyond These Woods
32. I Kissed a Girl Jill Soubule Jill Sobule


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