Womyn's music and music by women

From Jason greenly
Once again, it’s time to plan for WEFT’s Annual Celebration of Women’s History Month! This is it’s ninth year! Wow!
For those who are new, here’s how it works: Each year, between March 1-7, anyone who wants to do a women-themed show (whatever that means to them) agrees to do it during those days, and we promote the heck out of it.
Basically, WEFT is a unique organization that it can devote so much of it’s time to something like this, and do it with the diversity that it demands. Picture a network TV or radio station devoting 33 to 50% (WEFT’s participation rate the past eight years) of its broadcast time during an entire week! to this awareness event. (You can’t picture it; it won’t happen.) In fact, several WEFT shows continue the Celebration throughout the entire month!
Shows can range from artist retrospectives, to special interviews, to having your grandmother, mother, sister, and niece co-host your show that day (I have a favorite family photo with a 5-woman lineage line in a restaurant booth). It’s up to you!
I’ll send reminders, but the “deadline” (you can always add on) to sign up is JANUARY 1, in order to allow for promotion to be done.

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