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Broadcast royalties/Are you protected?

From: the Station Manager

The CPB (Corporation For Public Broadcasting) has negotiated agreements
with the recording industry’s artist royalty companies (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC,
RIAA, etc.) on behalf of non-commercial broadcasters to cover the royalty
fees for both radio and Internet broadcasting (webcasting) for stations,
such as WEFT, that receive a CPB grant. NPR (National Public Radio) and
the NFCB (National Federation of Community Broadcasters) have also been
involved in giving recommendations, as well as at some levels of

In short, WEFT is covered for both radio broadcast and webcasting streams,
as long as the basic rules are adhered to.

Now, on to the main point of this note. Questions have arisen from
airshifters who are recordeding their music programs on WEFT, and putting
them up on thier blogs, personal websites, links to the station website,
etc. so that others can enjoy them online.

It’s important to be clear that what WEFT airshifters enjoy on behalf of
the station’s coverage via the CPB, only applies to the broadcasts and
streams that emanate directly from WEFT.

So, unless you, as an indiviudal, are specifically paying a service that
covers the royalty costs and the rights and ability to podcast, webcast,
and do whatever you do with your music audio files off the WEFT airwaves
and off the WEFT webcast stream, please be clear that you are not covered
via the station’s agreement with the CPB. You as an individual doing this
on your own, and are not protected from the recording/royalty companies
choosing to pursue the masses who are sharing their shows and “non-commons
based” recordings online.

Now, putting up programs based upon your oral discussions, your
interviews, lectures (always good to get permission from the source
first), and music from “the commons”…that which is ok to be shared, is
another matter.

Both Jason Croft (java@soltec.net) and Paul Riismandel (p-riism@uiuc.edu)
are good resources on this topic. We didn’t make the rules. But we want
you to know them.

Women’s History Month is coming

From Jason greenly
Once again, it’s time to plan for WEFT’s Annual Celebration of Women’s History Month! This is it’s ninth year! Wow!
For those who are new, here’s how it works: Each year, between March 1-7, anyone who wants to do a women-themed show (whatever that means to them) agrees to do it during those days, and we promote the heck out of it.
Basically, WEFT is a unique organization that it can devote so much of it’s time to something like this, and do it with the diversity that it demands. Picture a network TV or radio station devoting 33 to 50% (WEFT’s participation rate the past eight years) of its broadcast time during an entire week! to this awareness event. (You can’t picture it; it won’t happen.) In fact, several WEFT shows continue the Celebration throughout the entire month!
Shows can range from artist retrospectives, to special interviews, to having your grandmother, mother, sister, and niece co-host your show that day (I have a favorite family photo with a 5-woman lineage line in a restaurant booth). It’s up to you!
I’ll send reminders, but the “deadline” (you can always add on) to sign up is JANUARY 1, in order to allow for promotion to be done.

Playlist Dec 2, 2007

Womyn Making Waves Dec 2, 2007 1-3pm Barbara Trumpinski Roberts

1. Ritual Is The Best Excuse Cynthia McQuillin Dark Moon Circle Random Factors
2. My Mother’s Hands Debi Smith & Company Fax it! Charge it! Don’t ask me whats for dinner! Sanachie
3. I Will Always Love You Dolly Parton Respect – Shoop-Shoop, Motown, Get Down, Sister (Disc 3) Rhino
4. Wings of Human Knowledge Echo’s Children A Dancing World Echos Children
5. Summertime Ella Fitzgerald Mack The Knife: The Complete Ella In Berlin (Live) Verve
6. Sunday Kind Of Love Etta James Heart Of A Woman BMG
7. Wintergrace Herdman Hills And
8. Mangsen Voices Of Winter Gadfly
9. Little Perennials Indigo Girls Despite Our Differences Hollywood
10. Only A Woman’s Heart Mary Black Looking Back CURB
11. Living In The Moment Meg Christian The Best Of Meg Christian Olivia
12. There’s A Light Beyond These Nanci Griffith There’s A Light Beyond Rounder
13. Woods These Woods
14. Sacrifice Rachael Sage Ballads & Burlesque Flying Dybbuk
15. Fuego Rebeca Mauleón Latin Fire Pimienta
16. Island Of Avalon RENAISSANCE Songs From The Renaissance Days
17. Mausoleum Classics
18. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Robin Greenstein Images Of Women V.1 Windy Records
19. Misty Mountain Ferron Impressionistic (Disc 1) Nemesis Pub.
20. Open Arms (Don’t Explain) Stranger’s World Patty Larkin Wyndam Hill
21. I Love Playin’ With Fire Respect – Rock To Electric Shock (Disc 4)
22. Runaways Rhino
23. My Autobiography Folk is the New Black Janis Ian Rude Girl
24. Water And Land Trashbag Birdie Joni Laurence Browntown Records
25. Toast For Unknown Heroes Skybound Leslie Fish Random Factors
26. Make Them Wonder Everything Was Lily Holbrook Back porch Music Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

27. Give Me A Sad Song Versatile Heart Linda Thompson Rounder
28. A Prayer Dreamland Madeleine Peyroux Molly Gamblin’
29. Long Haul Another Place Margie Adam Pleiades
30. Message to Myself The Awakening Melissa Etheridge Island
31. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing When Tomorrow Miss Tess Patuxent
32. Comes
33. Second Fiddle Live At The Arvada Mother Folkers Propinquity
34. Center
35. The House Of The Rising Sun The Blues Nina Simone Novus
36. No More Songs No Bomb Is Smart SONiA Disappear Records
37. Wild Women Wild Women Sue Keller Ragtime
38. New York Is A Woman Beauty & Crime Suzanne Vega Blue Note

WMW Playlist Nov. 25, 2007

Womyn Making Waves Nov. 25, 2007 1-3pm Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts

wmw opener wmw

  1. Thanksgiving Eve Current Obsessions Mary Ellen Wessels
  2. Amazing Grace Walela Walela
  3. Archetype Café Archetype Café Talis Kimberley
  4. It’s A Free World An Odd Collection Peggy Seeger
  5. Hearts And Hands Current Obsessions Mary Ellen Wessels
  6. Guinevere And The Fire Stone By Stone Lui Collins
  7. New Boundaries Equality Road: We Will Never Give Up Kristin Lems
  8. Velveteen Plus CA Change Kathy Mar
  9. Suzanne Ring Them Bells Joan Baez
  10. Did Jesus Have A Baby
  11. Sister Old New Borrowed Blue Heather Bishop
  12. Nothing Like Freedom Old New Borrowed Blue Heather Bishop
  13. I’ve Got To Use My Imagination Respect – Rock To Electric Shock (Disc 4) Gladys Knight & The Pips
  14. Kiss That Counted Acoustic Valentine Catie Curtis
  15. The Gathering of Spirits Betty’s Diner: The Best Carrie Newcomer
  16. You Got It Boys On The Side Bonnie Raitt
  17. Wayfaring Stranger Voices Herdman Hills And Mangsen
  18. We Live For Love Best Shots Pat Benatar
  19. West Texas Sun There’s A Light Beyond These Woods Nanci Griffith
  20. Water Colors Between the Lines Janis Ian
  21. Eternal Flame Round Worm Julia Ecklar
  22. Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket Minnie Driver
  23. Evacuation Route Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Michelle Shocked
  24. Fargo Baby From the Dust Rory Block
  25. Family Promise Lifeline Extended (Disc 2) Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert
  26. Feel Like Makin’ Love The Best Of Roberta Flack
  27. Fever Cassidy: Imagine Eva Cassidy
  28. Two Tongues At One Time Faces In The Rocks Mariee Sioux
  29. Traveling And Unraveling 2006 Sugarfoot Michelle Malone
  30. True Love Square The Circle Joan Armatrading